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The Leopard Lovers Christmas Gift Guide—It’s Fierce, Fashionable and Fabulous

Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

We all know someone who is leopard print obsessed. And if you don’t, well, you know me! Leopard print is one of those things that never goes out of style. It’s been around forever and I’m guessing that it will continue to be. So, this year I’ve rounded up my fave leopard lovers Christmas gifts for your most fierce friends. From leopard coats and dresses to books and cosmetics, your wild BFFs are going to love you forever.

Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts for Your Fiercest Friends

1. ASOS Leopard Print Padded Oversize Coat

I’ve had my eye on the lookout for a floor-length leopard print faux-fur coat for what feels like eons. I’m super picky when it comes to the coat though. Maybe I’m not even sure what I’m looking for! Who knows. What I do know is that there are really cute ones out there. Actually, I have my eyes on a heavy-duty leopard print jacket right now. This one from ASOS would be perfect for braving Toronto’s snow storms!

Cost: $132
Shop here.

2. Zara Leopard Print Dress

Of course, a leopard print dress is always in style. I’m loving this simply chic one from Zara because it’s super versatile. I could easily wear this to the office with a pair of knee high leather boots and then effortlessly show up for an after-hours event and not look out of place.

Cost: $69.90
Shop here.

Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts | The Lady-like Leopard Blog
Photo: Charlotte Olympia

3. Leopard Print Luggage & Accessories

Charlotte Olympia teamed up with Globe Trotter luggage to create a capsule collection of glamorous travel accessories. However, this price point isn’t for the faint of heart. The makeup case is double my rent and the suitcase will cost you as much as a flight around the world. But at least you’ll look cute.

Cost: $1,290 to $2,410
Shop here.

Heys has a huge selection of leopard print luggage ideas too! From luggage tags, suitcases, passport holders and neck pillows—these leopard lovers Christmas gifts are so perfect for your jet-setting bestie.

Cost: $3.97 to $499.97
Shop here.

4. Mac’s Mischief Minx Collection

Just watch the video. It explains everything about why you must get this leopard Christmas gift.

Cost: $39.50
Shop here.

Radisson Admiral Staycation wearing Your Favourite Dresses | The Lady-like Leopard blog by Melina Morry

5. Leopard Print Phone Cases

Society6 has heaps of leopard print tech accessories! That’s where I got my iconic (truly, it is) iPhone case featuring Kate Moss in a leopard print jacket, smoking a cigarette while wearing a Supreme tee. It hardly gets more fabulous than that.

Cost: $26.99 & up
Shop here.

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6. Wittner’s DIABLA Leopard Print Heels

These leopard print heels are one of my favourites in my collection! Thanks to their low, block heel they’re really comfortable. And the leopard pattern is a glamorous way to jazz up a casual look like a t-shirt and jeans.

Cost: $154.99
Shop here.

Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts | The Lady-like Leopard Blog
Photo: Etsy

7. Leopard Print Stationary

How cute are these thank you cards?! I would be thanking everyone for everything if I had these. Seriously. Any excuse to use this super cute leopard print stationary.

Cost: $18.47
Shop here.

Radisson Admiral Staycation | The Lady-like Leopard blog by Melina Morry | Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts

8. Leopard Print Decor

Nothing spices up a room like a sprinkle of leopard print. For example, these leopard print pillows at the Radisson Admiral Hotel in Toronto really add a pop of pattern to the white leather couches. I found some similar ones from Bed, Bath and Beyond that could be one of the leopard lovers Christmas gifts you’ve been searching for.

Cost: $69.99
Shop here.

9. L’intervalle’s Leopard Sneakers

Leopard sneakers are always a must. Even though these ones aren’t the most workout worthy, they’ll still look great with your activewear when you’re running around town doing your last minute shopping! I’m also just obsessed with L’intervalle shoes. There are so, so many that I need, like, right now.

Cost: $148
Shop here.

Leopard Lovers Christmas Gifts | The Lady-like Leopard Blog
Photo: Indigo

10. The History of Leopard Print Book

Where did leopard print come from? Why did people start wearing leopard print? What takes leopard print from trashy to classy? You’ll find out all that and more in this book from Indigo! Plus, it would look great on your coffee table.

Cost: $31
Shop here.

Hope you guys love these leopard lovers Christmas gifts as much as I do! For more gifts, check out my guide from last year. Also, if you want to feel extra good about the gifts you’re giving, check out my charitable gifts post. (There is still plenty of leopard in that one, don’t worry.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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