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The Best Airport Gifts for Your Fashionista Friends

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You’re probably having the best time ever on your vacation. It’s all about you, right? Well, what happens when you completely forget about getting souvenirs for your fashion-forward best friends back home? You know they’ll be bummed out if you return with this season’s Chanel and they’re left empty handed—no fashionable airport gifts in sight.

Don’t worry because we’ve got the best solution: airport shopping. No doubt, the airport may not be the first place you think of when buying gifts for your style conscious besties but we promise, these chic gift ideas will change your mind.

Here are our top 5 a la mode airport gifts for your style maven BFFs.

5 Fashionable Airport Gifts for Your Stylish Besties

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A Fashion Magazine

This gift will come in particularly handy if you’re in a country that has their own version of Vogue or a magazine that’s unique to them. You can pick one up for your trend-setting bestie and give her the knowledge of what fads are happening in a chic, foreign country. Don’t worry about it being in a different language—only the most hard-core fashion junkies read every word.

Where to buy: Hudson’s News
Location: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport, Terminal 1, Floor 1, Departures, Boarding Area B

Make-up Inspired by Your Vacation

If you were in Japan, a stop at Fa-So-La in Narita Airport is definitely worth it. They have a wide variety of all the best cosmetics from Chanel to Guerlain, Givenchy to Anna Sui. Try a bold red lip with a translucent powder and liquid eyeliner to embody your trip to Japan. L’Occitane also has a special “Provence in Japan” collection to further customize your gift.

Where to buy: Fa-So-La
Location: Narita Airport, Terminal 1, South Wing, 3rd Floor

A Cute Pair of Pyjamas

Anyone who’s into fashion knows how important beauty rest is. After all, it’s not only our clothes that must look fabulous! However, true fashionistas can’t just get any old, run-of-the-mill sleep. They must look amazing while getting some shut eye. Get your Best Friend Forever a glitzy embellished sleep mask and a matching pyjama set to really boost her beauty sleep.

Where to buy: Victoria’s Secret
Location: John F. Kennedy Airport, Terminal 4, Post-Security, Retail Hall – West

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Airport Spa Gift Card with a Mini Manicure Set

Your best friend is a stylish woman. She’s probably a jetsetter just like you, too. For this reason, it’s safe to assume that she’s going to be passing through the airport soon. I mean, after she hears about your trip she’s bound to book one herself. Get her a gift card to an airport spa so she can get her claws flawlessly manicured pre-flight.

Where to buy: Be Relax Spa
Location: Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 1, Gate 12

A Handbag Filled with Sweets

What’s better than receiving a handbag? One that’s filled with sweet treats! Not all fashionistas are watching their weight closely enough to deny themselves a box of Harrod’s biscuits. You’d have to be mad. And the only ‘mad’ we’re talking here is madly delicious.

Where to buy: Kate Spade Pop-Up at Heathrow Airport
Location: London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5

Oh, and make sure you grab a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at Duty Free for when you catch her up on all your romantic adventures, shopping sprees and Instagram Stories.

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