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The Best Places to Wear a Leopard Print Dress—from Cocktail Bars to Casinos

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I love leopard prints. But it’s worth acknowledging that this is a style that walks a fine line. Knowing what takes leopard from classy to trashy is important, as it can keep you looking glamorous, rather than tacky. When it comes to where to wear leopard print dresses, you want to look fabulous. A lot of that just comes down to choosing the right garments and matching them appropriately. But it also means knowing when to go for the leopard look.

In this piece I’m writing specifically about leopard dresses—certainly some of the “loudest” articles of clothing that use this alluring pattern. So, where to wear leopard print dresses? These are just a few places where you can wear a leopard dress and look not only appropriate, but particularly stylish.

Where to Wear Leopard Print Dresses

Out shopping

If you have a more casual leopard dress, with a looser fit and a shorter skirt, it might be just perfect for a day out shopping. Or a lunch date on a sunny day! Another site did a lovely look at tips on how to wear leopard prints and pointed to a fabulous example, stating that a leopard print dress can be super simple. It serves as a nice reminder that leopard, while often associated with more extravagant looks, can still be elegant in a more casual way.

To a cocktail bar

A similarly elegant/casual leopard dress can make for ideal cocktail bar attire. It calls attention to you without being gaudy. Particularly in dim light, it might be a little bit more understated than it would be otherwise. Just be careful not to go too far with the accessories. If you’re bold, you can stroll into any bar in a leopard print dress with leopard heels and a leopard bag! However, just the dress will do.

To a casino

A casino probably isn’t on your day-to-day list of places to go, but it is an ideal sort of attraction for bolder fashion looks. Which, makes it an interesting choice for leopard dresses. As one guide put it, dresses and heels have become the norm in Vegas casinos—and some of their imitators around the world. After all, making a somewhat flashy statement in this kind of venue never hurts. Again, you don’t want to overdo it, but this is a good opportunity to wear a fancier leopard dress.

To a fancy dinner

There’s nothing wrong with treating a leopard dress as formalwear either—provided you don’t overdo it. You probably don’t want to go with a skin-tight leopard dress for a fancy dinner, because it can look a little bit more toward the “trashy” side. But a flowing leopard dress, perhaps offset by a dark jacket and dark accessories, can actually be quite appropriate, not to mention alluring.

These are just a few places where to wear leopard print dresses. Ultimately, leopard print dresses are probably a little more versatile than most people give them credit for but these are some particularly nice styles and settings for them. Where do you wear leopard print dresses?

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