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A Last Minute Gift Guide to a Few of My Favourite Things

last minute gifts - the lady-like leopard

We all know that one person who leaves gift getting to the very last possible second. (In this case, I may or may not be talking about myself.) It’s always good to have an idea of what you can use as last minute gifts for those time crunch situations. This is another way of having a chill and stress-free Christmas.

That’s not to say that these last minute gifts aren’t as good as the ones you plan months ahead for. Oh, no. Quite the contrary actually! These gifts are the creme de la creme of gift giving because although they were purchased late, they will make such an impression that no body will suspect a thing.

Trust me, I’ve got your back.

A Guide to My Favourite Last Minute Gifts

last minute gifts - lips by danilea - the lady-like leopard

For the girl who is lip-obsessed and wants Kylie Lip Kit but better:

Lips by Danilea made it onto my list last year too because, well, they’re just that good. I use my lippies at every chance I get and can never get enough of them. People compliment me constantly on the colour of my lips when I’m wearing any of my four lipsticks. And here’s the best part: if you don’t have a boyfriend, you can have one now (in a super cute shade too). You’ll be ready to smooch under the mistletoe in no time. Or perhaps have that New Years Eve kiss?

The new ‘STREETS’ collection features a perfect holiday duo that comes in a handmade ‘mini constellation’ bag.

last minute gifts: prairie girl bakery

For the girl who’s sweet, but could be a little sweeter:
Prairie Girl Bakery

Yes, I said it. We all have that friend that people describe as being “a b*tch until you get to know her”. So, let’s use our Christmas spirit and sweeten this girl up. There’s no better way to do that than with my all time favourite cupcake destination: Prairie Girl Bakery. They have every flavour you’d want (Irish cream on chocolate, anyone?) and they all taste like rainbows, unicorns, sparkles and every bit of magic in the world combined.

There are 15 regular flavours and 3 “treats of the week” on the menu to complete your most delicious gift yet.

travel beauty last minute gifts - the lady-like leopard

For the girl who spends more time on a plane than at home:
Travel Beauty

If this girl is anything like me, she probably has a toiletries bag packed and ready to go at a moments notice. Hairbrush, toothbrush, deodorant, mini bottle of shampoo – you name it, it’s in there. Travel Beauty has a great selection of carry-on-friendly products to bring with you on your flight. Even if they seem like they’re too big, they’re probably not. But if you’re unsure check out my post about which items are good to go.

Create your own customized travel kit in a sleek Travel Beauty cosmetics case. Hint: all travel-friendly products are marked with an icon.

theit bags last minute gifts - the lady-like leopard

For the girl who thinks she’s a better photographer than Kendall Jenner:
THEIT Camera Bags

This girl probably takes photos on her iPhone 6s right now but she’s probably getting a Nikon for Christmas and she’ll definitely need something stylish to put it in. A canvas camera bag? Ew, think again. THEIT‘s camera bags look like designer handbags on the outside but have all the photography bells & whistles on the inside. If she’s anything like Kendall too, she’ll be doing lots of travelling and will need a stylish carry-all.

The COLT camera bag in black is on sale for $263USD and available now for pre-order.

stowaway cosmetics last minute gifts - the lady-like leopard

For the girl who’s constantly on-the-go and wants to look gorgeous at all times:
Stowaway Cosmetics

When a typical day includes flying from your apartment, to the gym, to work, to evening cocktails, to even-later-evening cocktails, you need to be able to touch up in between. Cue: Stowaway Cosmetics in a perfectly sized package. Stowaway makes make-up to fit into your busy life and your favourite clutch. And the best part of all? It’s small enough that you’ll actually be able to finish it before it expires.

Browse their Right-Size Gift Guide for the best kits for your boss, your work wife, your BFF and more.

For more last minute gifts, check out my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide.

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