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What You Need to Know About Saving—And What I’m Saving For Right Now

Millennial Saving Tips | The Lady-like Leopard

Let’s be real, none of us are going to give up avocado toast—especially now with the Whole Foods price cuts. But there’s still the problem of actually saving up enough money to get what you want in life. As a result, I started thinking about some millennial saving tips that might come in handy for myself and my fellow young professionals.

Right now, I’m saving for a few things. First of all, an apartment. I’ve been saving for a few years and… I’m not quite there yet but that’s beside the point. What counts is that I’m actually saving for it. Come on, it’s tough. Another thing I’m saving for is brand new bed with a super comfy mattress. I love my bed now but it was bought in a rush when I moved to Toronto 3 years ago. (It was better than sleeping on my roommates mattress on the floor though.)

Something that’s always on my saving list: a brand new wardrobe. It’s one of my life goals to one day throw out everything I own—well, except my Zimmermann dresses probably—and start fresh. Imagine all new fresh underwear, towels, bras, socks, t-shirts that haven’t lost their colouring. What a dream!

5 Millennial Saving Tips to Help You Get What You Want

Millennial Saving Tips | The Lady-like Leopard

1. Suck it up and take public transit so you can Uber when it really counts

There’s always going to be that one event you need to go to in black tie with sky-high stilettos. Chances are—if you’re not careful—it’s going to be on that day that your bank account statement wasn’t so friendly to you. I know us millennials are obsessed with convenience of Uber but all I’m saying is—you’ve already paid for your monthly metro pass, so just use it.

Millennial Saving Tips | The Lady-like Leopard

2. Save Starbucks for Friday mornings—come on, office coffee isn’t that bad

You don’t need a double shot caramel macchiato (hold the foam) every morning. Not only is that wasting away your hard earned cash, it’s adding a little extra something to your waistline. Eek—is there anything more terrifying than empty calories?! Either buy a pound of Starbucks coffee to make at home or just drink whatever toxic drip you have at the office. (Tip: If you add actual cream and 1 packet of sugar, it doesn’t taste bad.)

3. Cut down on meals out and invite friends over for a home-cooked dinner instead

Lately, my friends and I have been preferring to stay in and chill with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a selection of delicious food. It’s a much more intimate experience—plus, you’re not going to be paying for a glass of wine what you can get an entire bottle for at the liquor store. You don’t have to listen to other people’s annoying conversations, you can choose what music is played and there’s no chance of the kitchen messing up your meal. What’s not to love?

Millennial Saving Tips | The Lady-like Leopard

4. Skip the $70 contour pallette and Kylie Lip Kits because there are cheaper options

There are so many beauty hacks you can get away with when trying to look fab on a budget. Did you know that vaseline can be used as highlighter?! Yeah, me neither until recently. There are heaps of beauty products that cost a quarter of what huge beauty brands charge—and work just as well. For example, Moodmatcher lipstick sell for a mere $4 and last forever. They’re one of my best beauty finds ever.

Millennial Saving Tips | The Lady-like Leopard

5. Revamp things in your wardrobe so you don’t have to keep buying new (and expensive) items

With everything being so instant in this futuristic world of ours, it’s hard not to lust after what’s on-trend right now and immediately rush out to buy it. This is one of my millennial saving tips that you need to hear loud and clear: you don’t need to have everything right away. People have gotten so caught up in what’s new that they don’t appreciate what they already have. Check out my tips here on how to revamp what you’ve got.

Want more millennial saving tips? Well, do you believe it’s even possible to have a stylish vacation on a budget? Ultimately, there’s no reason to break the bank—especially when you don’t have the bank to break. Obviously you’re not going to have to be on a strict budget forever. Still, it’s helpful to keep your spending habits in check and be able to spend that cash on the things you actually want.

What are you saving for?

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