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BEAUTY HACKS | The top skin-saving beauty DIYs to try this winter

Winter time is here!  It’s not always the best time beauty wise – which is why I’ve come up with some lifesaving (or skin saving at least) beauty hacks to try out this winter. Stock up on these tips and tricks and I promise you’ll survive the season in style. 

BEAUTY HACKS | The top beauty DIYs to try this winter

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Beauty Hacks #1: DIY Cream Highlighter

Powder highlighters can look cakey on dry winter skin – and I prefer to eat my cake rather than wear it on my face. Who’s with me? So, instead you can create your own liquid highlighter by blending your favourite champagne-hued eye shadow, with a tinted moisturizer. Just rub your finger in the shadow and mix it with the moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Dab a little on the top of your cheekbones, down your nose and on your brow bone for a healthy glow.

Beauty Hacks #2: Use Tea Bags To Soothe Dry Lips

If your lips are cracked and wind-bitten, make yourself a cup of tea, then put the tea bag over your lips. Just like the tannins in the tea can immediately hydrate and soothe a sunburn, it’ll do the same for your dry, lips. You’ll feel the difference instantly – not to mention be insanely kissable and who wouldn’t want that during mistletoe season?

Beauty Hacks #3: Use Lip Balm On Rough Cuticles

Not only are lip balms great for you lips, they can work wonders for your cuticles too! Winter’s dry air can be tough on nails and the surrounding skin. To help avoid those painful, ragged cuticles, massage a little lip balm onto them. Hello, hand model. 

Beauty Hacks #4: Ease A Dry Scalp With Sugar

Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your scalp can get very dry and flaky in the winter. You can gently remove dandruff (and product buildup) by adding a teaspoon of fine granulated sugar to the amount of shampoo you normally use to wash your hair.

Massage your scalp with the pads of your fingertips and the granules will dissolve as you rinse. You’ll be left feeling flake-free and gorgeous.

Beauty Hacks #5: Make A DIY Lip Scrub

Who needs to buy an expensive lip scrub when you can make one yourself? Just mix one tablespoon of organic, raw cane sugar and one tablespoon of organic honey together, then rub the mixture over your lips gently until all flakes are gone. Dab off the excess and swipe on your fave lip balm for cushion-comfy lips! Do this before bed and roll on a heavier balm to soothe your lips overnight. (Lip balm manufacturing companies have a lot of advice on the best lip balms on the market.)

Beauty Hacks #6: Apply Body Lotion After The Shower

Just like applying moisturizer to your face in a steamy room will lock in hydration, so will moisturizing your body right after your shower. Towel dry yourself lightly in the shower, then slap on that body butter. This will prevent moisture from evaporating and drying out before you can lock it in. Seriously, anyone dare to feel my skin? It’s heavenly. 

Beauty Hacks #7: Wash Your Face Without Water

When skin is already dry, water can further irritate and dry it out more. For the winter months, consider using a cream or oil-based soap-free facial cleanser. Massage it onto your face, then dab it off with tissue. Without using water. The product will dissolve makeup and attract dirt away from your skin, while leaving its natural, healthy oils intact.

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