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Why You Should Save Your Skin From the Sun—Plus 3 Ways to Do It

Fashion writer Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard in a denim skirt, black tank, leopard sunglasses and gold hoops | LADYLIKELEOPARD 2017 | Natural Makeup Look | Long Term Beauty

When the sun comes out, many of us bare our bodies in order to work on our tan. While this may help to boost our looks temporarily, the UV rays might not be doing much for our skin in the long run. In fact, it’s common knowledge that the sun can help to speed up wrinkles, create sunspots and even cause serious conditions such as skin cancer.

But of course, that shouldn’t mean hiding from the sun altogether. Our skin still needs those rays for the vitamin D after all. The trick is to be careful. Here are a few ways to prevent skin damage from the sun.

5 Ways to Save Your Skin From the Sun

Fashion writer Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard in a denim skirt, black tank, leopard sunglasses and gold hoops | LADYLIKELEOPARD 2017

Don’t let yourself burn

Okay, this one’s obvious, but it’s still surprising how many people you’ll see that let themselves fry. Putting sun lotion on will make you tan slower, but it will also make you tan healthier. As soon as you’ve burnt, you’ve cause lasting damage to your skin which could result in faster aging. You don’t need to slap on Factor 50 sun cream unless you’ve got a skin condition such as vitiligo—most sun lotion beyond Factor 30 won’t be adding much benefit. The strength you need will depend on your individual skin type. Use professional products such as SunSense.

Opt for a spray tan

Spray tans get a bad rep for being fake, but they’re a much healthier alternative for those wanting to look bronzed. Most professional tanning services will be able to find a tone that looks natural and apply it evenly. Many salons do professional tans, but you may be able to save money by locating a portable tanning salon company such as Mobile Spray Tanners. Alternatively you may be able to find your own spray tan solution in the shops.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes—they also protect the skin around your eyes. Squinting in the sun can cause wrinkles known as crows feet to develop around the corners. By wearing sunglasses you’ll be less likely to squint and less likely to form these wrinkles. Be wary of some cheap sunglasses that may not actually provide the level of tint needed to protect your eyes, existing simply for aesthetic purpose.

Supplement your skin

Various skin products such as Retinol can help to reverse some of the long-lasting effects of sunburn. They can help to promote the production of collagen and elastin preventing wrinkles as well as soothing inflammation that could potentially lead to conditions such as skin cancer. If you live in a sunny location, such products are definitely worth investing in as you’re likely to be more at risk.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants

Various foods are great for combating sunburn and skin damage. Tomatoes are rich in a carotene called lycopene that’s ideal for repairing damaged skin. Many leafy greens can also provide antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation. If you’re looking for something to drink meanwhile, green tea is sure to help soothe any sunburn you may have.

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