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How to Re-Vamp Your Wardrobe for a New You (and New Look)

It’s a new year and a perfect time for a wardrobe re-vamp. What’s holding you back? Here’s how to get started.

PUT DOWN THE PLASTIC | How to look summer stylish for less | Wardrobe Re-Vamp

New Year is a time for resolutions and many people decide to lose weight, quit bad habits, or generally improve their health. Though attainable, many of these goals take time – which is why so many give up. Taking small steps to improve confidence and well-being on day one can greatly improve chances for success. A quick and easy fix is a wardrobe re-vamp.

Unsurprisingly it’s often women that are aiming to improve appearance through weight loss and new fitness regimes. A recent Daily Mail article revealed that only 3% of women in the UK were actually happy with their bodies and that many felt that the emphasis on celebrities and unrealistic expectations by the media were to blame.

Complete a Wardrobe Re-Vamp with These Simple Tips

PUT DOWN THE PLASTIC | How to look summer stylish for less

Self-care is sometimes overlooked when parents have young children to look after and it’s easy to put health and appearance on the back burner. In an increasingly image conscious world many find it hard not to compare themselves with others, and while confidence should come from the inside, taking steps towards great health and well being can be a positive thing.

Eating a healthier diet, doing regular exercise and reducing stress can certainly help. Incorporating daily meditation and incorporating mindfulness techniques into the 9-5 routine is beneficial in promoting positive thought patterns. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol can also health with weight loss, improve skin quality and increase energy levels.

But that’s just the start. While taking care of the inside it’s important to take care of the outside too and getting a new haircut, a facial or a manicure can give people an extra confidence boost, making goal achieving more likely. When you look better, you feel better and well-being is vital element for success.

Don’t forget about your closet!

Clothing and image can be important too and the first thing to address is the wardrobe. Aside from creating a nicer living space, de-cluttering can alleviate stress and promote well-being; throwing out all those unwanted sweat-pants, hole-y jumpers and only keeping items that bring joy can be liberating. Arranging clothing in colour order from dark to light also makes it easier to see see clothes and put together outfits that work.

This goes too for underwear drawers, an often overlooked part of the bedroom often inhabited by greying ‘full’ briefs, saggy bras and uninspiring pyjamas. Investing in some matching bra and knicker sets or some elegant nightwear from retailers such as Vanilla Night & Day bras and lingerie can be a good start to the wardrobe re-vamp.

Not only is a drawer full of neatly folded elegant lingerie a beautiful thing but wearing it may encourage the wearer to feel more confident, sexier and in control. I know it does for me!

Feeling confident in the present is the key. Losing weight is an admirable goal, taking long walks in the countryside and more sleep are all life-affirming resolutions. But beginning to feel more confident today is the challenge and dressing for the person that you want to become, is a pretty great start.

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