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Three Ways to Incorporate Leopard Print into Your Outfit Without Going Overboard

Incorporating Leopard Print to Your Looks | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Melina Morry

Incorporating leopard print into your everyday ensembles doesn’t have to mean going overly eccentric. You don’t have to wear something major like a coat or two-piece suit to take on this trend. After all, it’s all in the details. Whether you’re sporting a pair of leopard pumps or rocking a leopard purse, it’s all going to give you the same desired result: some extra fierceness.

Here are a few of my favourite ways of subtly incorporating leopard print into my outfits.

Incorporating Leopard Print into Your Everyday Looks

Leopard print accessories

This is the most versatile way of incorporating leopard print into your outfits. There are endless options! From phone cases to purses, belts and hats—you’ve got many printed pieces to choose from. For example, the bag that Kate Moss is toting adds the right amount of fierceness to her minimal 90s ensemble. (Literally, this pic is from the 90s but it still looks super current and fantastic.)

Incorporating Leopard Print to Your Looks | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Melina Morry

A modern leopard print

If you’re not into all-over leopard prints, try a more modern and possibly subtle take on the ferocious pattern. For example, this leopard top from Zara. It’s printed with a vibrant pinstripe and overlaid with actual leopards. How cute is that?! Plus, it always gets me a ton of compliments when I wear it. And who doesn’t love extra compliments?

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Abstract leopard shoes

Traditional leopard prints aren’t the only type of leopard to incorporate into your daily looks. Why not try an abstract print? These Loulou leopard print mules from Saint Laurent are absolute perfection! They’re an ultra-cool way of adding a bit of fierceness to your look. After all, it’s kind of hard to even tell what print they are. However, I assure you, they are leopard. And they are fabulous.

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Melina Morry is the author behind the blog The Lady-like Leopard. She has a journalism/fashion design degree and all that other boring stuff but most importantly she's a master of her own spots and is always hungry for more adventure. Melina works as a writer and fashion journalist all over the world. She's been spotted in New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Toronto - to name a few. She loves to be raw, fierce and a rare breed. Follow along with her on social media at @ladylikeleopard.


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