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The Simple—Yet Essential—Accessories That Every Woman Needs

Essential Accessories | The Lady-like Leopard

When it comes to style, it’s true what they say: the devil really is in the details. And, of course, in the essential accessories. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing purely on the big picture. Which, certainly is important—just not the whole package. After all, if you’re doing that and you don’t take the time to focus in on the details then you’re going to end up in a position where you can’t really make the most of any outfit at all. Eek! No body wants that.

The only way that you can be sure that your outfit is really going to pop is to utilize your essential accessories as effectively as possible. There’s something of an art to being able to properly accessorize any outfit. So, here are a few simple things that you can do in order to get the most out of whatever you’re wearing. 

The Essential Accessories Every Woman Must Have

The perfect bag

If you’re only ever going to have one accessory for your outfits, then this should be it. The perfect bag can do wonders for even the simplest outfit. Getting a bag that contrasts with the rest of your outfit—in terms of colour—can make things pop in a seriously dramatic way! It also allows you to bring some excitement to an outfit that might otherwise be a little bland. Of course, a bag can often work best if you keep things subtle. Check out these Designer Online clutch bags for an idea of how to keep a sense of style and class while accessorizing any outfit. If you go overboard with the style of your bag, then it could end up ruining the outfit altogether. However, you know I’m a total sucker for leopard prints.

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Statement jewelry

Here’s one of those things that, if you’re careful, can make a huge amount of difference your outfit. It will bring out a sense of drama and excitement and push your outfit into the realms of high fashion! But if you’re not careful then it could end up making the entire thing look cheesy and kind of embarrassing. Yikes. Statement jewelry often consists of a single piece that brings a great deal of dynamic excitement to an outfit. Something like a chunky bracelet or a large necklace usually works really well.

The first thing that you need if you’re going to try to accessorize this way is the right outfit. Go for something subtle so that it’s not fighting with your jewelry for attention. Similarly, make sure that it matches the style of the jewelry. If you’ve got a classic boho-chic look going but you pair it with something elegant and 1920s influenced then the whole thing is just going to end up looking like a total mess.

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Of course, don’t assume that just throwing accessories onto your outfit is going to suddenly elevate it to high fashion. Make sure that you’re using things sparingly. Little details might not seem as though they have that much of an impact, but they really can make a huge difference to how an outfit looks. By throwing in too many different accessories at once, your outfit is going to end up looking overly busy and cluttered which can undo all of the hard work you’ve done to get it right in the first place.

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Melina Morry is the author behind the blog The Lady-like Leopard. She has a journalism/fashion design degree and all that other boring stuff but most importantly she's a master of her own spots and is always hungry for more adventure. Melina works as a writer and fashion journalist all over the world. She's been spotted in New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Toronto—to name a few. She loves to be raw, fierce and a rare breed. Follow along with her on social media at @ladylikeleopard.


  1. Iveta

    Leopard coat! great choices 🙂


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Thank you! Can’t get enough leopard xxx


  2. Annamaria

    I’ve kept my distance from leopard prints, but since I’m working with a vintage brand I’ve fallen in love with some printed garment. Still not brave enough to go for them…


    1. ladylikeleopard

      You should try something subtle like a belt or a clutch! Just ease your way into the trend. You don’t always need to be extra bold with a furry leopard print coat. I bet it would look fab on you xxx


  3. Style & Life by Susana

    I’ve never been into leopard until I saw this coat!!!! I want that leopard coat!!! So gorgeous!!! x


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Isn’t it so gorgeous?! I need it too xxx


  4. Natalia Homolova

    I got a leopard coat this season! 😛


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Yay! I saw it on your insta and I love it xxx


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