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7 Tips for Planning Your Next Girls Weekend Away

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So, you decided that you need a break. Everyone does now and then! And maybe you even let your friends know that you are planning something big. To be exact: a girls weekend away. In order to make the most out of the few days you are spending together, you will have to get everything in place. From treatments to fashion shows, shopping trips, and spa treatments!

Sounds like a blast, right? Well, let me tell you—it can get pretty overwhelming sometimes. However, if you all share in the planning it makes it a lot easier! Check out my tips below to help you have a fiercely entertaining girls weekend away.

7 Tips for Your Girls Weekend Away

Choose the location carefully

Not all cities are equal—and some are better for a girls nights out than others. You need to read travel guides and make sure that there are enough bars that are safe for women to attend. Furthermore, try searching for a luxury hotel that has its own bar. So, if you can’t find a place to go out, you can still stay safe and have fun. A five-star hotel can have great deals for groups, and you don’t even have to have a hen party to take advantage.

Buy your tickets early

Once you’ve decided on the destination and the hotel, it’s time to get your attraction tickets booked. You don’t want to spend the entire vacation trying to get a ticket or negotiating the price. Make sure you get a confirmation from all the girls invited, so you know how many tickets you need. Whether you want to see a show or a basketball match, you can save hundreds of dollars on tickets by booking early.

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Plan your outfits

To make the girls weekend away more memorable, you need to plan your outfits. Trust me, you don’t want to spend hours getting ready for a night out. Make sure that when you arrive you get the contact details of the laundry service, too. You need to check the labels of all dresses and outfits to find out which stains Master Dry Cleaners will be able to get out of the material. List the places you want to visit and pick a dress or costume for each location in advance, so you don’t have to buy more clothes than you want to.

Get a private limousine

It’s a good idea to plan a special night out when you can all let your hair down. Arriving by a private limousine will start off the evening in a fabulous fashion. You can get in touch with the hotel before you arrive to arrange your transfers, taxi, or limousine, and make sure everyone is safe back at home. You can also get a driver to take you around the shops and pick you up, so you can make the most out of the few days you have available.

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Organize a shopping trip

You should spend at least one day shopping with the girls. You can look for reviews of large malls in the area, and book a table for lunch nearby. Also, you can catch up on the latest gossip with the girls over a cup of coffee, and explore your latest purchases. Some luxury malls have their own fashion shows held regularly, and you can attend them for free! Or get a ticket that includes champagne, a light lunch, and discount vouchers.

Put someone in charge every night

Put one person in charge each night you go out, so they don’t drink too much, and look after others. If one of you needs help getting rid of a persistent admirer, or you lose your hotel room keys, you will need somebody to be in charge and make arrangements. Choose a different leader each night, so everyone can make the most out of the vacation.

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Keep it small and private

One of the most common mistakes people make when arranging a girls’ short break is inviting everyone. You don’t want to make people feel left out, or share the memories with those you don’t really know or want to get to know. You can invite your close friends and allow them to get another girlfriend to join them—but keep the group small and easy to manage. The more common interests you have, the easier it will be to pick your programs.

If a girls weekend away or spa break is just what you need, make sure you start planning on time! Book your hotel, concert tickets, and treatments together, get a discount, and plan your outfits for each night accordingly. Keep it intimate and stay safe by having a designated leader each night. Oh, and have a fiercely fantastic time!

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