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The Secrets of a Frequent Flier’s Wardrobe—Plus, What to Pack to Get One

Frequent Flier's Wardrobe | The Lady-like Leopard

Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, the country—these are just some of the places a friend of mine frequently travels to. So usually you’d think that would involve frequent packing too, right? Wrong. When last travelling to New York, she packed her purse and… that was it. You see, she keeps clothing, make-up, toiletries, etc. at each place so she can just leave at the last minute and not have to worry about packing.

“It’s so nice to just be able to leave and not spend time packing, you know?” she says.

But don’t you find it hard to leave things behind? I asked her. What if you want to wear something when you’re in New York but you’ve left it in L.A.?

That’s why I just keep buying, buying and buying,” she says. “It’s sort of like a sickness.” She buys timeless pieces like jeans, casual white t-shirts and neutral sweaters so she has a timeless wardrobe to put on wherever she goes. “I bought one of these in every colour last time I was here,” she tells me as we browse through t-shirts at White House Black Market in New York City. That way, she has new clothes to come to and can take some with her as well.

So, how do you get a frequent flier’s wardrobe?

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Unfortunately, not all of us have apartments in every fabulous city to leave half of our clothes at. A good idea instead for the frequently travelling fashionista is to have a little suitcase permanently packed with everything you’ll need for a quick trip. Here’s what you want to pack:

  • 3 tops (variety of tanks, tees, blouses, crops)
  • 3 bottoms (pants, skirts and shorts because you don’t know where you might be)
  • 2 dresses (one casual, one formal)
  • 2 pairs of flats (one ballet and one kitten)
  • 1 pair of black heels
  • 1 denim or leather jacket (they go with everything)

Make sure that everything you pack is able to mix and match to give you even more outfit options. Of course, you’ll also need underwear, accessories and a toiletry clutch but I’m sure you can figure those out on your own! Happy travels.

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