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Every Piece of Luggage You Need for a Weekend Away—From Sleek Wallets to Chic Duffels

Best Weekend Bags | The Lady-like Leopard

Going away for a weekend can be just what the doctor ordered—especially if you’re stressed. After all, some time away from your day-to-day life totally helps your mind relax and recharge. (Not to mention, build up a few anecdotes to chat with your friends with over cocktails when you return.) Personally, I even love the packing aspect of going away. But before you get to that, you need to make sure you have the best weekend bags to pack it all.

I usually find packing for a weekend more difficult than packing for a couple of weeks. Hello, I need options! On the other hand, if you’ve got the right luggage, you can fit all you need and more. Here are the best weekend bags that help make my travels a slice of cake. You can find more in this dedicated section of World Traveler!

The Best Weekend Bags to Keep Everything Stylishly Stowed

A sizeable—and stylish—weekender bag

First of all, you’ll need one bag that’s spacious enough to fit everything you need for a glamorous weekend away. Okay—it doesn’t have to be ultra-glam, but I prefer my weekends to have more glamour than not. Of course, I’m always thinking of style so I definitely want my luggage to reflect that. I love this olive green duffel from Bric’s.

A garment bag for that special event outfit

You’ll definitely be spending a night out in a very chic outfit. Come on, what’s a weekend away without an indulgent evening? Yet, nothing is worse than arriving at your destination to find that your elegant gown got caught on your strappy stilettos—and ripped. You’ll never have to worry about that again if you pack it safely in a garment bag.

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A sleek cosmetics case

The size of your cosmetics case will depend on how you’re getting to your destination. If you’re flying with just a carry-on, you’ll need to make sure your products are the right size. However, if you’re doing a road trip to your weekend getaway you won’t need to worry. Still, the appearance of your cosmetics case is just as important as the NARS products inside. I love this slick black case by Kaehler 1920 and also this 3-pouch set by Baggallini.

A multi-functional passport holder

The last thing you want hanging over your head on a weekend away is the thought of losing your passport. That’s why it’s important to keep it secure! I like to keep mine with the rest of my travel essentials in a handsome leather wallet. I know some people are cautious of keeping all of their important cards, documents and travel essentials all together but when it looks as good as Tumi makes it look, how can you resist?

A cozy laptop sleeve

If you’re anything like me, you rarely ever just go on vacation. I mean, obviously I go on vacation—but not without my laptop in tow! It seems like ever since I started blogging my vacations have turned into workcations. Even so, I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work anyways! My laptop is like my baby. No, seriously. I need it to be safe—which is why when I travel I like to stow it in an extra bag to avoid scrapes and bumps and whatever else it might encounter on my journey. Plus, a tote makes for a chic way to carry your computer to the local cafe.

When all is said and done—or packed—these bags will ensure you maintain your trendsetting reputation no matter where you’re jetting off to.

For more getaway inspiration, check out my guide to a weekend in Victoria or why Miami should be next on your list.

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