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How to Plan a Stylish Weekend Getaway in Victoria, British Columbia

Stylish Weekend Getaway in Victoria, BC | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Melina Morry | Photo by Morgan Cross Photography

For me, home is where the ocean is. Growing up on the West Coast is ingrained in my soul. You know what they say—you can take the girl out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the girl. So, when it comes to a weekend getaway in Victoria, British Columbia, I know a thing or two about how to do it in style.

As a matter of fact, I know the city like the back of my hand. In the same way I’ve gotten to know other cities around the world (day trip to Paris, anyone?) it was done through exploring. That’s what life on the West Coast is all about. Except, my kind of exploring involves more cocktails than kayaks, but to each their own.

Here’s my guide on how to spend a stylish weekend getaway in Victoria, British Columbia.

A Stylish Weekend Getaway in Victoria

Magnolia Hotel - The Lady-like Leopard

Check into the Magnolia Hotel & Spa

First of all, you need a cozy spot to call home for the weekend. Trust me, there’s nowhere you’d rather be than the Magnolia Hotel. I stayed there last year when I was in Victoria for my 25th birthday. It was heavenly! The rooms are luxurious, the service is world class, and the overall atmosphere is extremely welcoming. I want to call Magnolia Hotel home every time I’m on the West Coast.

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Sip stylish cocktails at Little Jumbo

One of my favourite cocktails I’ve ever had was at Little Jumbo. It featured lavender with vodka, and it was exquisite. If lavender isn’t really your thing, I’d recommend Boots of Spanish Leather, The Bryden Float or Slow Burn. Also, put your faith in the bartenders to custom make you a drink. They seriously know what they’re doing. All cocktails have between 2 and 3 ounces of alcohol, so get ready to have a fabulous time.

Explore Victoria’s most Instagrammable locations

Of course, what good is a stylish weekend getaway in Victoria if you don’t have the photos to prove it? Fan Tan Alley, the Inner Harbour, Hatley Park, and Dallas Road are all fantastic spots to get your Instragram filters going. Spend the day frolicking around Victoria’s gorgeous neighbourhoods to get the perfect Instagram shots. And if you’re feeling extra extra, you can take a carriage ride through downtown! It’s very “Sex and the City.”

Shop to your heart’s content in the LoJo district

Lower Johnson Street—lovingly referred to as LoJo—is Victoria’s shopping hotspot. Arguably, it’s one of the hippest areas of the city. You’ll find everything from eco-friendly fashions to imported menswear to locally made soaps and bath bombs. The handmade jewellery selection is incredible as well. My favourite shops on LoJo are Open House, Suasion, and Amelia Lee Boutique.

Glo Restaurant - The Lady-like Leopard

Have a meal on the water at Glo Restaurant & Lounge

After all that shopping and exploring around the city, you’ll be ready for some bubble-induced relaxation. Of course, by that I mean sipping a glass of prosecco on the water at Glo Restaurant & Lounge. It’s located just outside the downtown core and has stunning views. Take in the breeze, breathe in the sea air, and enjoy happy hour at Glo to recharge before continuing with your stylish weekend getaway in Victoria.

Take in the harbour views (and seafood) at Vista 18

The best way to spend your last night in Victoria is with dinner and drinks at Vista 18 Westcoast Grill & Wine Bar. You’ll get some of the best views in the city. Plus, some of the best cuisine. Since you’re on the West Coast, you must have some seafood. Start with the fresh oysters and dashi braised mussels, paired with a gin martini, and move to the main course from there. The place is just a short walk from Magnolia Hotel, so you won’t have far to go afterward.

Magnolia Hotel - The Lady-like Leopard

Enjoy a lazy brunch at Catalano Restaurant

Catalano Restaurant is conveniently located inside the Magnolia Hotel, so after a lazy morning lounging around your room, you can take the elevator down to brunch. I tried the Catalano Waffles (stuffed with bacon and swiss cheese) when I was there, and I’d definitely order them again! Catalano Restaurant is also home of the $3 caesar and mimosa, so you’ll be able to get a little buzz going before finishing up your weekend getaway in Victoria.

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Feature image taken by Morgan Cross Photography in Victoria, BC.


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