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Happy Halloween! Here Are a Few of My Favourite Leopard Print Costumes

Leopard-Inspired Costumes | The Lady-like Leopard

Alright, so it’s Halloween tomorrow! Do you have your costumes ready? Obviously you know what I’m going to be. A leopard, duh. Staying true to my spots, I thought I’d have a little browse through Instagram and see who in the world is rocking the best leopard-inspired costumes. After all, I can’t be the only leopard lover out there! (As much as I’d like to be.)

What I really want to do is get a leopard print body suit, leopard stilettos and a floor-length leopard coat and call it a day. I actually have a pair of leopard print feather eye lashes that a makeup artist at Toronto Fashion Week gave me three years ago. They’re still perfectly in the box because I haven’t have a chance to wear them yet! Hello, they’re not really an everyday look. But how glam would that be?

Hey, did you guys know that Kim Kardashian once went for Halloween as a leopard?

Although Kim’s costumes this year were on fire, I think we can find better leopards. So, here are some of the best leopard costumes that I’ve come across!

Turns out insta is loaded with leopard-inspired costumes:

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There were a million more but let’s be real, if you just painted your face and threw on a black top—that’s not going to cut it. Look, even that little girl put in a ton of effort. In fact, she might have the best costume of all.

Do you have some leopard-inspired costumes to show me? Tweet to me @ladylikeleopard and let me see! Happy Halloween guys—and be safe. But eat lots and lots of candy. It’s a must.

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  1. Ellone

    These are gorgeous! Halloween is the best day ever! ♥

    Ellone | Looktheotherway.co | Minimal Lifestyle & Fashion


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