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A Thrill-Seeker’s Guide to the Luxurious City of Dubai

The Luxurious City of Dubai | The Lady-like Leopard

It’s a well-known fact that the luxurious city of Dubai is the most glam city in the world. It’s high on many people’s bucket list adventures for a reason! The wealthy who have made the city their home will put every other place to shame with the outrageous grandeur. Nothing is out of reach when you’re in Dubai. The city has this “because I can” attitude about it. It’s sublime yet incredibly boastful.

Whether it’s the tallest skyscrapers, the bejeweled champagne glasses or playboy Arab Sheikhs roaming the palm tree adorned beaches, Dubai is drenched in money. However, the rich often get bored, and thrill-seekers will be pleased to know, that only the best of the best activities are on display. Like a buffet ready to be devoured, the city is waiting for you to get your fix of adrenaline.

A Thrill-Seeker’s Guide to the Luxurious City of Dubai

A photo of the Dubai coastline. Dubai On A Budget - The Lady-like Leopard

Taking to the skies

To truly appreciate the city, there’s nothing comparable to the bird’s eyes view. From the port at the Yacht Club or the Dubai Creek Golf Resort, you’ll take to the skies in a propeller-driven seaplane. This is just one of the things to do in Dubai – but many pale in comparison. You’ll be soaring the skyline for at least 45 minutes, getting to see in fine detail, the structure and superb design of all the tallest skyscrapers.

Whether the buildings are offices, hotels, or restaurants, they each have their own character and voice of architectural elegance. Miles upon miles of unique coastline will meet your eye, as the sun rays gleam off the surface of the sea.  You’ll fly over the huge domes of mosques, and soon meet the Palm Jumeirah; a true modern marvel of landscaping.

A photo of the Dubai desert. Dubai On A Budget - The Lady-like Leopard

Falcon hunting

Little do people know, that the nomadic people of the desert are still around. They take pride in their cultural pastime of falcon hunting and are only too happy to show their mastery of a lifestyle many would find, too much. First, you’ll board a hot air balloon to fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The morning skies will take your breath away, as the sun slowly starts to bless the land with all its glory. The sky will turn purple and orange as the tiny particles of hot sand drift upward.

Once you’re over 2 miles up the sky, the demonstration will begin. The Peregrine Falcon is the ultimate apex predator and the purest example of evolution. The handler will unleash his bird, and as it flies off, he’ll put a piece of food on his leather glove. The Falcon will swoop down at blast past your head at over 200mph. To see this magnificent creature in its element, with the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains, is something you’ll never forget.

A photo of the Dubai coastline. Dubai On A Budget - The Lady-like Leopard

Talk about torque

What better way to end the day, than with a 5-hour excursion on the red dunes of the Lahbab region? You’ll be given instruction on how to drive a dune buggy by your driver for the day. Learning to drift, slide, and power up the dunes will take you no time at all as the buggies have supercharged engines that produce wheel-spinning torque at low revs. The 4x4s give one hell of a ride!

After all the fun comes to an end, you can enjoy a sumptuous barbecue dinner. Your companion for the meal will be the setting sun and after you’re full, head into the Bedouin tents and get a henna tattoo as a mark of your rite of passage being completed. 

And for those travellers who enjoy time spent in an entirely different universe, check out the newly launched VR experience at Be Relax Spa in Dubai Airport.

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