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TRAVEL GOALS | Four fresh travel adventures to add to your ever-expanding bucket list

How are you getting on with your travel goals bucket list? If you’re like me and you keep adding to your list of must-do activities and must-see sights, you may get to a point where you’re running out of ideas. Already swam with dolphins? Checked off dipping your toes in every ocean? Here are the latest additions to my bucket list to give you a couple of new ideas for more exciting adventures.

TRAVEL GOALS | Four fresh travel adventures to add to your ever-expanding bucket list

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Hit The Rainforest

The rainforest is one of the world’s rarest climates and environments. Two of the world’s largest are in South America and Western Africa. There are also smaller forests dotted throughout Southeast Asia, Australia and Central America.

You’ll be able to do a variety of activities in each forest, from a jungle trek to visiting former forest plantations. Remember to pack accordingly as the forest environment won’t be like one you’ve experienced before! As the name suggests, you can expect a lot of rain as well as very high temperatures. Watch out of for small critters who might try and nip your ankles too!

Drive Route 66

Route 66 is a famous American highway, running from Los Angeles on the west coast all the way across to Lake Michigan near Chicago in the North West. You’ll pass through desert landscapes and quaint all-American towns as you drive through many states. The list includes Texas and Arizona.

This trip can take you as long as you like. The quickest it can be done is in four days, but that’s without any stop-offs. To take in the country and see as much as possible, many road trippers spend two weeks on the road. This allows them a couple of nights in certain cities, like Las Vegas.  One top idea is starting off in Los Angeles, so when you finish in Chicago, you can head over to New York for a few nights.

travel goals

The La Tomatina Festival

Every year on the last Sunday in August, many locals and tourists hit the streets of Bunol in Spain for the town’s La Tomatina Festival. Known as the “world’s biggest food fight”, barrels of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown into the streets. An exciting tomato fight ensues!

Now, it’s estimated that around 50,000 people descend on Bunol to take part in the action. There isn’t  a lot of accommodation options in the town, so many tourists book a room in Valencia, a 38-kilometre train ride away.

Bungee Jump

Do you love the thrill of adrenalin? Then bungee jumping off New Zealand’s Kawarau Bridge could be your ultimate bucket list adventure! Located in Queenstown, the bridge is known as “the home of the bungee.” Expect a thrilling drop surrounded by a lot of breathtaking scenery!

If you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can always just stay on the sidelines and watch. It’s worth the trip for some awesome holiday pictures! There is also a zip line near the bungy zone for those of you who are up for a mini-thrill!

Where will your travel goals bucket list end up taking you?


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