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Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type (and Comfort Zone!)

Choosing Swimwear That Flatters Your Body Type | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Fashion Writer Melina Morry

Everyone has body insecurities, and never are they more heightened than when the prospect of wearing a swimsuit rears its ugly head. Women all over the world dread wearing a swimsuit – and with good reason. It’s possibly the most naked you’ll be in public without actually being naked. That’s why choosing swimwear that flatters you is a summer must.

As the fashion industry catches up with real women and real body shapes, you’ll find a great selection of swimwear to suit your body shape and your comfort zone. Hold your head high and strut your stuff by considering the best swimwear for you.

Choosing Swimwear That Flatters Your Body Type

Choosing Swimwear That Flatters Your Body Type | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Fashion Writer Melina Morry

Small bust

Girls with small busts have the benefit of being able to choose swimwear that doesn’t need a lot of support. So, you can enjoy bandeau styles which look amazing with your shape! Patterned or embellished styles will be great for you as well. They create the illusion of a larger chest, while triangle style tops will boost your shape.

Choose: bandeau, patterned and triangle bikinis.

Large bust

More swimwear designers are catering for large busts by bringing out supportive ranges which run by bra size. For the most flattering look, try bra-style bikini tops and swimsuits, as well as those with molded cups. Wider straps will be the most supportive and you can get adjustable styles for when you want to eliminate tan lines. If you have a large bust, but a small waist, retailers like Swim Fella swimmers online can customize a swimsuit according to your shape to give you the best fit ever. Now that really will give you a confidence boost!

Choose: bra-top styles with built-in support.

Athletic figures

Athletic figures should try bikinis and swimsuits with less coverage or on-trend cut-out styles. A smaller bikini bottom will make your bum look more shapely while patterned styles will also look amazing with this body shape.

Choose: frills, cut-out styles, and patterns.

Choosing Swimwear That Flatters Your Body Type | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Fashion Writer Melina Morry

Pear shapes

Pear shapes will need to find swimwear that balances out the top and bottom – which skirted styles are perfect for. These shapes can also rock plunging necklines more than other body types. Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got!

Choose: skirted styles over shorts and low cut, plunging necklines.


Curvy girls can make a number of styles look incredible, but look for styles that are supportive, to make sure you’re comfortable. (Check out cool retro-style swimsuits for inspiration.) Colour blocking, sheer detailing and high waists will show off your fabulous figure.

Choose: high waists, colour blocking, and supportive styles.

Rounded tummy

Ladies with rounded tummies can feel self-conscious in swimwear, but there are styles that will make you feel supported and gorgeous. You’ll be ready to rock that beach in no time! Go for styles with built-in control as well as ruched styles which can distract from your least favourite areas. High-waist bikinis will accentuate the smallest past of your waist to create a more hourglass shape.

Choose: styles with built-in control, ruching and high waists.

Choosing swimwear that’s right for you is about finding styles that make you feel comfortable and fabulous. So don’t be afraid to break classic swimwear rules! If you’d prefer to cover up by the pool and on the beach, there’s a whole new range of beach coverups available from cute playsuits to chic dresses that make going to the beach about so much more than just the swimsuit.

Seeking advice about body insecurities is a great way to give yourself a confidence boost before you don that swimsuit. Love your body shape, no matter what it is and embrace it for the best way to look completely beach beautiful, inside and out.

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  1. Deanna

    Beautiful post and so helpful!! I’m definitely going to take your advice – need new bathing suits for a trip I’ll be going on soon!


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Hey Deanna, so glad you loved the post! Glad I could help you out before your trip. You’ll look gorgeous I’m sure! Melina xx


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