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How to Achieve Skin Perfection and Get an Airbrushed Look the Natural Way

We all know that celebrities get airbrushed in their magazine photoshoots. And we also know they photoshop their Instagram pics. But we still can’t help ourselves envying their apparent skin perfection. We still stare in disbelief even though we know it’s not completely truthful. 

Okay, so not all of them do this, but those who don’t still have the means to get flawless skin. (The dream, right?) They get to indulge in weekend spa sessions and expensive products – something that we don’t normally get to experience on the daily. I mean, even North West knows what a spa is.

Luckily for you, there are far simpler ways to getting that ultimate skin perfection without completely overhauling your beauty regime. At least, that’s what a bunch of dermatologists told us.

How to Get Skin Perfection the Natural Way

SKIN PERFECTION | How to get airbrushed skin the natural way | THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD

Watch out, sun

The sun gives us that gorgeous tan we are desperate to uphold all year around, but it all gives us skin more lined than a school writing pad. Unprotected exposure to sunlight is the fastest way to achieve wrinkled and lined skin, which is why you need to cover yourself in lotion. Don’t just look at the factor number either, look at star rating it has been given (it will say on the back).

SKIN PERFECTION | How to get airbrushed skin the natural way | THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD

Don’t just drink green tea

Green tea is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which work as a way of soothing your skin. To get the best results from ingesting it, we recommend drinking it iced. Hot drinks worsen redness. But ingesting green tea isn’t your only option. There are products, such as hyaluronic acid serum, which contain green tea, as well as other natural ingredients like rose hips, both of which prevent damage from UV light and make skin glow more naturally.

SKIN PERFECTION | How to get airbrushed skin the natural way | THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD

Much more moisturizer

To make skin healthy it is important you maintain the water levels. That’s what moisturizer does; it slows down water loss. How? It strengthens your skin barrier in the same way Vitamin E does. We know that some people have sensitive skin, and so they steer away from moisturizers altogether, but these people should look for products with ceramides. As for the winter months, ramp up your moisturizing efforts.

SKIN PERFECTION | How to get airbrushed skin the natural way | THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD

Bedtime habits

Every dermatologist we spoke to said the same thing about having better bedtime habits. They said that sleep is the best way to rejuvenate your skin and they also said that washing your face before bed is the best way to get rid of microparticles from air pollutants. Oh yeah, it’s not just the skin that will give you lines; the air will too. So just take a minute to wash your face before bed and get rid of all those yukkies you can’t see.

SKIN PERFECTION | How to get airbrushed skin the natural way | THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD

Sugar is the worst

We all love a bit of chocolate, or sweets, maybe even a lunch of white carbs and most of us think we can just exercise this off so it doesn’t hit our waistline too hard. Well, what if we told you that these sugars are making your face crack like desert mud? Yup, you need to look after your skin from the inside out as much as you do from the outside in. Healthy fats and Omega 3s, fruit and greens; that’s what you want to chow down on in order to look as totally flawless as your Insta-crush.

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