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10 Tips for Keeping Your Favourite Fashion Fun and Affordable

Melina Morry in Victoria, BC. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. FINDING FASHION | Keeping your favourite fashion fun and affordable | The Lady-like Leopard

The world of fashion is a vast one. It can all feel a bit overwhelming – even if you live and breathe it. Finding fashion that you not only love but that actually suits you can be a lot harder than you think. (Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of bad trends.)

Maybe you’re drawn to a variety of different styles but you’re not very confident about what you like or what would suit you. Or maybe you know exactly what you’re looking for. But actually getting ahold of what you want at your price range can be a challenge. (Especially for your wallet.) 

Finding the right styles for you and keeping up with the latest trends can take some work. However, it doesn’t have to be super time-consuming and it should be something you find fun. Try some of these tips for finding fashion that  suits you, keeps you looking fly and is on-trend.

10 Tips for Finding Fashion That’s Fun and Affordable

Melina Morry in Victoria, BC. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. FINDING FASHION | Keeping your favourite fashion fun and affordable | The Lady-like Leopard

Follow fashion blogs

Fashion magazines are still be fun to read, but for a lot of people the internet is where they get their info and entertainment. If you’re not reading print, you’re probably looking at fashion online. Right? Blogs are often one of the best resources to discover new ideas and find new things to buy.

Fashion and lifestyle bloggers will talk about all kinds of things – from where to find a cheaper version of a designer item to what practical clothing works for busy moms. Find your favourite fashion blogs and use them. It’ll feel like you have hundreds of friends always ready to offer you fashion advice!

Branch out to different stores

It’s easy to fall into the same patterns. We often stick to the same stores when we’re shopping for new clothes, which can lead to you owning many of the same things. While it’s great to find the styles that suit you, it can sometimes mean you get stuck in a style rut. And no one wants to be in a style rut.

There are so many different brands and stores out there! Especially with how many online boutiques there are too. Of course, some stores you know for sure you don’t like. So guess what? You don’t have to shop in them. But sometimes it’s a good idea to take a chance on somewhere new. Walk into a store you’ve never been to before, or click on a random online brand to see what they have to offer. 

Shop in unexpected places

As well as shopping in the usual stores, consider where else finding fashion could be exciting. For example, when was the last time you wandered through a market selling clothes and fashion accessories? You can stumble across all kinds of unique labels and garments.

Or you can find second-hand and vintage items in market stalls, thrift stores, or online too. You might discover something you wouldn’t have gone searching for specifically but that you find that you love. I’m a huge thrift shopper. It’s so much fun! If you go traveling, try out some shopping when you’re away too. You never know what you might find in another country.

Melina Morry in Victoria, BC. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. FINDING FASHION | Keeping your favourite fashion fun and affordable | The Lady-like Leopard

Find your fashion icons

It’s always good to have people to look up to in all areas of your life. Especially in fashion. Having fashion role models can help you find inspiration when you need it most. Everyone has different people whose style they look up to, whether they’re models or powerful business women who just have to have a great sense of style.

If you feel like you need to be inspired or maybe you want a boost in confidence, you can turn to your fashion icons. You might not be able to speak to them directly, but you can have a look at what they’re wearing and maybe even read or listen to them talking about their sense of style.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Even the most enthusiastic fashion lovers can find themselves playing it safe when it comes to their clothes and accessories. (Hello, boring.) When you find what you like and what suits you, it can lead to you having a sort of uniform. Whether it’s comfortable jeans and t-shirts or you like to wear pretty dresses, you can end up wearing the same thing in different variations again and again.

If you feel like you’ve become too comfortable, maybe it’s time to try finding fashion that’s outside of your comfort zone. Next time you see something you like, before you let yourself think that you’re not sure it’s your style or you don’t know if it will suit you, try it on! Give it a try before you decide if you want to take a risk. If you buy it and change your mind, you can always return it or sell it.

Avoid impulse purchases

On the other hand, being too spontaneous can be risky too. If you’re the sort of person who finds themselves returning a lot of impulse purchases or leaving things hanging in your closet, perhaps spending a little more time thinking about things before you buy them could be a good idea.

It’s often worth considering a purchase for a while to decide if it’s what you really want, instead of buying it right away. It will help you avoid any purchases you regret, especially with any that you’re unable to return for any reason. Careful consideration can help you get the fashion items that work for you.

Melina Morry in Victoria, BC. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. FINDING FASHION | Keeping your favourite fashion fun and affordable | The Lady-like Leopard

Think about your lifestyle

If you want to make sure you always buy the right things for your wardrobe, you should keep your lifestyle in mind. You might love the look of a towering pair of stilettos, but they’re not exactly the best choice for the school run. Everyone has different things to think about when it comes to how they live their life and the practicalities of their lifestyle.

However, that doesn’t mean that your lifestyle has to stop you being stylish in any way. It just means you need to think about when something is appropriate. Those high heels might not be ideal for picking the kids up, but they could be great for the office or your next night out with your friends.

Think of expensive items as inspiration

Sticking to a budget when you’re a fashion lover can be tough. You look up to your style icons, and they’re all wearing designer items that you can’t afford. It can make you feel like you can’t get the clothes and accessories that you really want. But you can almost guarantee that if there’s a designer item, there’s a cheaper version of it out there somewhere.

It won’t necessarily be an exact copy (which can be tacky anyway) but you can find something very similar. The big designers and fashion brands lead the way – and more affordable labels follow. You can find different price points within that range too, from super cheap to middle-range items.

Dress for your size and style

Have you ever bought anything that’s a bit too small for you? Maybe you choose to squeeze into anyway, despite it’s slightly off fit. Or perhaps it’s still hanging in your closet as a “one day, I’ll fit in it” item. A lot of women want to be slimmer or be a different shape. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or tone up, that doesn’t mean you should dress for the size you wish you were.

Be kind to your body and wear things that flatter you, so you can feel comfortable and look confident. No one can see the size label on your clothes, so dress for your size and shape with confidence.

Melina Morry in Victoria, BC. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. FINDING FASHION | Keeping your favourite fashion fun and affordable | The Lady-like Leopard

Keep your current wardrobe in mind

Sometimes you want to step outside of the usual things you choose for your wardrobe. But there are other times when you need to consider the clothes and accessories you own before you make a purchase. The main question is: what are you going to wear it with?

Are you buying something that doesn’t go with anything you currently own? It’s a good excuse to buy a whole new outfit, but not ideal if you’re trying not to spend too much. If you want to be able to mix and match your clothes and accessories, try to keep your current wardrobe in mind when shopping.

Get professionally styled

If you feel like you’ve lost your fashion direction or you need a new look, how about turning to a professional? Paying for a professional service is often worth it in many areas of life, from fixing a plumbing problem to hiring a driver. Why should it be any different in the fashion world? Whether you’re stuck in a rut or just feel like a change, a stylist or personal shopper could help you out.

You don’t need to look high and low when finding fashion that’s right for you. (Well, unless we’re talking price.) If you stick to some rules, it’s easier to know what to look for and how to find it.

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All photos by Morgan Cross Photography in Victoria, BC.


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