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6 Nightly Beauty Tips You Can do Before Bed to Wake Up Gorgeous

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When we wake up in the morning, it typically takes ages to get ready for the day ahead. As well as choosing a killer outfit, we have to sort out our skin and hair to make it look completely fabulous. But it’s not just what we do in the morning that can make us look gorgeous. There are some things you can do the night before to make yourself look great the next day. Here are six nightly beauty tips you should do before hitting the sheets.

6 Nightly Beauty Tips You Can do Before Bed to Wake Up Gorgeous

1. Drink lots of water

If you want to look fantastic the next day, you should be hydrating your skin before you head to bed. The best way to do this is by drinking a glass or two of water before sleeping. It will help to make your skin look beautiful and refreshed. As this article says, you will notice your skin is glowing the next morning if you have some water before hitting the sheets.

2. Use a night cream

If you want your skin to look fabulous the next day, you could use a night cream to soothe your skin. At night, a skin whitening cream could be used to try to get rid of the day’s stresses. It can help to make you skin glow the next day, and ensure it’s looking its best. It’s important to moisturize your skin at night, as it can help delay aging marks, and stop spots from forming.

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3. Take your makeup off

Before you hit the sack, you need to make sure you take all your makeup off! We often wear a face full of makeup, especially if we have been on a day or night out with friends but it’s so important to make sure this is all removed at night so that your skin is glowing the next day. If left on, you will end up with spots that will be harder to remove! (Not to mention makeup stains on your pillows.)

4. Avoid late night snacking

It’s easy to grab a bar of chocolate while watching television late at night, but you will feel the consequences the next day. When we snack at night, we end up getting bloated the next day which is never fun. Our stomach doesn’t manage to digest it properly, so you should try and avoid the fridge at least two hours before bedtime. Snacking before bed is not good for your skin either – sweet treats can often lead to spots on your skin, and more aging lines.

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5. Brush your hair

If you want your hair to be knot free the next day, you should be brushing your hair before heading to bed. When you are in bed, your hair often gets tangled and will be hard to work with the next morning. Therefore, you should try and brush your hair so that it’s easier to straighten or curl the next day.

6. Clean your teeth

If you want your teeth to shine bright, make sure that you give them a brush before heading to bed. Try and remember to do it, because you will wake up with bad breath, and bacteria still on your teeth if you don’t. Always brush!!! It’s so disgusting waking up without brushing your teeth.

Make sure you head to bed with plenty of time so that you can do these six things, and you will look great the next morning!

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