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Taking Rimowa Luggage From Toronto to London—And Why I Loved it So Much

I’ve done my fair share of travelling—although, not nearly enough—but I’ve never put much thought into the luggage that I take with me. For a recent trip to London, UK with Vane Airport Magazine I was able to step up my suitcase game with a set of Rimowa luggage and let me tell you, it made all the difference.

My editor thinks I’m completely insane because I smile more when talking about my Rimowa luggage than any guy I’ve been talking to on bumble. Maybe I am, but if you’ve ever travelled with a set of Rimowa polycarbonate, patent red, grooved, Salsa Deluxe suitcases, you would understand.

My Rimowa Luggage Review—From Toronto to London

rimowa lugagge from toronto to london

First of all, it was a piece of cake to whip around the airport (and down the sidewalks of London on the way to the hotel) and the four wheels on the bottom made it really convenient to keep the suitcase right by my side while dashing from gate to gate instead of dragging miles behind me.

Secondly, it looks amazing. You can’t discount the visual appeal of your suitcase when you’re supposed to be travel blogging in style! It matched my dark red leather trench coat that I wore on the plane and the red accents all over London. Hello – the phone booths, buses, Pret-a-Manger takeaway coffee lids.

It also matched perfectly with my hotel room! What a coincidence. (Photo below.)

travel review - rimowa salsa deluxe luggage

My other favourite feature of the Rimowa luggage was the inside packing system. There is tons of space in the pockets to fit smaller items and there’s an adjustable flap that closes over your belongings to make sure everything stays snug inside. The adjustable part came in extremely handy after making a few purchases up and down Oxford Street…

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 5.52.51 PM

I would definitely recommend travelling with Rimowa for your next trip! There are heaps of different suitcases and features to choose from – you’re bound to find one that fits in with your travels and your travel wardrobe.

Rimowa has also launched the first ever digital check-in for your luggage—meaning you can check your bags from home and simply drop them off once you get to the airport. I’m hoping I’ll be able to test drive one of those to show you guys sometime too!

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