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How to Get Your Body Ready for the Beach with These 3 Simple Steps

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The good weather is coming and there is plenty to do. Are you planning a vacation overseas or you just love heading to your local beach? Your body has been hiding under clothes for months while the weather has been bad, so now is the time to reveal your ultimate beach bodies and get ready for that trip to the ocean! Here’s what to do.

How to Get the Beach Bodies of Your Dreams

Get your body ready for the beach

Skin Care

Your skin may not have seen much sun in the last few months. It may be pasty, dry, and in desperate need of some attention. Start with giving it a good soak in the bath – showers can add to the dryness of winter – and use a good body moisturizer when you come out to rehydrate the skin. Add an extra glass of water a day to your diet to help the skin cells stay hydrated from the inside out. 

You can also buff your skin with exfoliators and scrubs. This will increase the circulation. It will also help remove those dull and dead skin cells that make your skin look rough and dry. Always perform this gently! You don’t want to end up with red skin or soreness. Once you have soft, supple skin again, it’s time for hair removal.

Get your body ready for the beach

Hair Removal

Removing your unwanted body hair is a task most of us wish we didn’t have to do. You may choose daily shaving to keep skin hair and fuzz-free and although waxing is a more painful approach, it lasts much longer. It also leaves a softer finish as it removes hair from the roots. Epilating is a similar way of tackling the problem. It can take longer than waxing, though, and can sometimes cause ingrown hairs.

If you want to reduce how often you have to tackle your body hair, it may be worth considering laser hair removal (previously I’ve done this with my bikini line and it works wonders). You have to have several treatments to see any permanent effect, so now is the time to get started. It’s pain-free and can reduce how often you have to shave or wax. Hair may be thinner too, making the job a lot easier to manage.

beach bodies - the lady-like leopard

Get glowing

Lots of us need a little something extra for our skin when we head out into the sun. In addition to the essential sun protection cream, tanning lotion can help give that bronzed look we love. There are several different kinds, each offering a different degree of colour for your skin. The trick is not to go too much darker than your natural tan colour. You want a healthy glow that doesn’t look fake.

Choose products that will give you protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Careful application of tanning lotions can offer a great look without you having to be in the sun at all. To avoid sunburn, wear a sun hat, and only stay out for short periods of time. If you’re on the beach all day, make sure you can cover up when you’ve had enough.

If you want to look incredible this summer, take care of your skin now. You can also try a few toning exercises with light weights to give your legs and arms that sculpted look. Enjoy the sun with care. See you on the beach!

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