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How to Have a Fashionable Week in London

Before I went to London, I was hesitant about how much I was going to love it. People kept telling me I wouldn’t ever want to come home but truthfully, it had never been high on my list of places to go (Paris was a completely different story though and you can read about my single day in Paris here).

However, I ended up having a wonderful, exciting and fashionable week in London after all. It was such an amazing city with tons to do, great shopping, cool bars and an exciting vibe. I could’ve (and did) spent all day walking around taking in the city. I guess Samuel Johnson was right when he said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.

I stayed at Home House for a few nights when I first got to London before moving into my friend Jen’s apartment (we hadn’t seen each other in 7 years so it was time for a thorough catch-up). Home House was stunning! The photo below shows my “office” where I would go and work on blog posts after a day of sightseeing. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Anyways, my time in London was definitely time well spent and I can’t wait to go back. Hope when you guys go I hope you have a fashionable week in London too!

How to Have a Fashionable Week in London

fashionable week in london - the lady-like leopard - melina morry

Grab coffee and see the hot spots: Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Covent Gardens

As was once said by Friedrich Nietzsche, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking” – especially when you’re walking around a foreign city with a coffee in hand. Wandering around is one of my favourite ways to see a new city – if I can avoid it, I’ll skip public transport all together and just walk. Unless my heels are too high, of course. My block heeled Windsor Smith ankle boots were just right.

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See a play in the theatre district

I went to see Matilda The Musical at Cambridge Theatre. I’ve been obsessed with Roald Dahl books since I was able to read, so it was a must see! It was a hilarious show and so well performed. I was jaw-droppingly impressed with the children actors – I can’t even imagine having to memorize all those lines and dance moves! There were a lot of laughs too. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. Buy tickets here.

DSC00354 copy

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Take a bus tour – yes, a hop on & off bus tour

Okay, this is definitely the least fashionable thing you could do all week but I definitely recommend it. It’s an amazing way to see all the sights while sipping on a cafe-au-lait and getting a bit of a tan! I also left the trip with an abundance of “fun facts” about London that I was able to share with my friends for the rest of the week. Do you know where the phrase laughing my head off came from? I do…

DSC00365 copy

DSC00358 copy

Have a drink or two at Rules Cocktail Bar and Mr. Foggs

These are definitely two of the best bars in London – but they are extremely different. Rules Cocktail Bar has a very old fashioned London feel with classic cocktails, red leather seats and stunning wooden bars. My friend Katie and I sipped on sherry while at Rule.

Mr. Fogg’s on the other hand is a very hip and vibrant bar where you can get a variety of seriously amazing cocktails. I tried a marmalade + gin + a-bunch-of-other-amazing-ingredients cocktail that was served in a teacup.  I felt very posh (and a little tipsy).

Eat with a view at Fenchurch Restaurant and enjoy fine Chinese dining at Park Chinois

If you’re looking for a spectacular 360 degree view of London, then definitely hit up Fenchurch Restaurant at Sky Garden. We started off with bubbles and oysters and then moved on to lamb and let me tell you, every single thing was amazing. Sometimes restaurants known for the view aren’t so known for their food, but that definitely wasn’t the case here.

For dinner we went to Park Chinois for fine-dining Chinese style where there are about 100 (maybe an exaggeration) different staff working at a time – some for filling water glasses, some for explaining the menu, some for bringing your food. It’s insane and also insanely delicious. I had the best duck pancakes of my entire life and now they’re all I can think about. (Serious question: Where can I get duck pancakes in Toronto?!) They also have a live band with 3 singers decked out in floor length sequinned gowns singing jazz-remixes of Destiny’s Child.

DSC00380 copy

Here’s to hopefully having another fashionable week in London as soon as possible!

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