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6 Forgotten Fashion Trends That are Making a Comeback—From Leopard Print to Corsets

Forgotten Fashion Trends | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Melina Morry

The cycle of fashion is ever changing. What is in today may not be considered trendy tomorrow. By the same token, the statements of 70s, 80s and 90s are again making a comeback. If you’re one of those people who throw trendy pieces out after one season—stop! We’ve found proof that forgotten fashion trends always come back into the spotlight.

Read on to find out which forgotten fashion trends are back on-trend and get ready to re-vamp your wardrobe.

6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback Right Now

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1. Leopard prints

These insanely hot prints were once a huge rage. They were considered to be everything—chic, hot, sophisticated as well as wild. They were on top of the game years back before disappearing from the fashion world. However, only for a little while. Fortunately for us, this luxurious print is again making a comeback. A totally versatile print, leopard can be worn in a variety of clothing and accessory items. From blazers and tops to lingerie, handbags, headgear and even footwear. With a little direction, this print can be extremely flattering.

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2. Rolled hems

Did you know that ‘pegging’ is the art of tightly rolling up the end of denim bottoms? It was a huge trend in the ‘80s. It looks amazing if you style it with a blazer, a printed tee or even a corset. Furthermore, pair it with sneakers or heels. Also, it’s the perfect look for a shopping day out or a date night. Practice how to master this trend and you won’t be sorry!

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3. Golden glitz

The golden shiny tint is making a comeback. (Hello, did anyone catch Bella & Gigi on the cover of British Vogue?!) A subtler version of golden lamé is taking the world over. It can look great in culottes, shorts, camis. The right way is to pair them up with dull or neutral shades. Go easy on the accessories to balance the gold properly. After all, no one truly wants to be Foxy Cleopatra all day long. Or maybe you do. No judgement here!

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4. Corsets

A major fashion statement of the Victorian era, corsets were worn by both royal and general women. They created a beautiful torso by cinching in the waist and helping women hold up a perfect posture. This popular trend is coming back in fashion thanks to Kim Kardashian. And they are available today in various materials and fabrics, too! Some of our faves are leather, steel-boned, satin, velvet, cotton or mesh. Also, the options in colours are unlimited. Corsets look ultra-hot being worn with pants and skirts. Apart from being very edgy, they also make the waist look smaller and definitely gorgeous.

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5. Denim jackets

Denim jackets and shirts made a comeback few years ago. However, they’re still ruling the fashion mongers. These versatile fashion garments can look good with skirts, leggings, shorts, summer dresses and even denim bottoms. (Also known as the Canadian Tuxedo.) These jackets can also be bought with embellishments, patches, colours and pins. And the best part about them? They are super comfortable without compromising on style!

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6. White footwear

White sneakers came back in style a few years back. After all, they can be paired up with literally anything—from casual to formal. Moreover, big brands released their own creative versions of the white kicks. Also, skinny white heels which were flaunted with every outfit, are creeping back in vogue. A few of the past seasons have seen brands like Céline releasing their own versions. These are available in the forms of strappy, wedges and platforms!

So, keep an eye out for these forgotten fashion trends. And add them to your wardrobe! Keep your looks stylish by pairing these trends with brand new ones. You’ll look effortlessly modern and super chic. Which forgotten fashion trends are your favourite?

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This ‘Forgotten Fashion Trends’ post was written by Rebecca Siggers for The Lady-like Leopard. Feature image courtesy of Diego Zuko for Harper’s Bazaar.


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