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Why Celebrities Celebrate Everything in a Big Way—Especially Their Big Day

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Famous people seem to do everything well. Movie roles, press appearances, red carpet looks, and even their own publicized celebrity weddings. After all, trying to throw something better than the big bash they created the year before is a little hard. And therefore, there’s quite a lot of planning that goes into what it is they do next. This is why we love to follow them. We want to know how they do what they do, and we like to be inspired by them. So take a leaf out of their books for something life changing like a wedding, as they’re something we always love to gasp and judge by our own standards. Here’s how the celebs keep us coming back to them for the details of their private lives.

Why We Can’t Help But Pay Attention to Celebrity Weddings

The variance—or lack there of

It would seem every celebrity has their own idea for a wedding that’s brand new and original. However, they’re not. Their variance comes from taking ideas from one person and some from another and mixing them together to create the ultimate big day bash. There is some truth for this though. When you have multiple trends just in engagement rings, there’s a lot to look out for and be inspired by. Gold only just came into fashion last year, and before that styles changed hands every 3 years. Manufacturers like that of 77 Diamonds like to tell us who wore what and when! So when you’re out shopping in this kind of market, make sure you remember what your significant other was into and ask about it. The person behind the counter is guaranteed to know!

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The flashy themes

If you have the time and money on your hands—like a lot of celebrities do—then there’s an endless list of themes and ideas up for grabs. Hire out those famous wedding designers, and you’ve got yourself something noteworthy wrapped up in a bow. We love watching them happen, and critiquing outfits from the comfort of our own living rooms. Admittedly it’s a lot of fun! When it comes to a Royal Wedding, there’s no hiding away from the cameras. Since Grace Kelly in 1956, to Kate Middleton in 2011, becoming a princess bride has been at the forefront of the social conscience—and the dresses called all of the attention.

Our need to know more

On the other hand, when someone gets secretly hitched, people want to know more and more about it. So when it comes to eloping, that’s one of the reasons it’s so exciting! Details impress people, and thus having a lock and key theme on your own wedding might just be the big day push you need. 

Overall, comparing and critiquing celebrity weddings in the public mind is what keeps people coming back. It makes these stories newsworthy. Bad publicity is good publicity it seems! What are your favourite celebrity weddings?

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