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Head to Shoulders Beauty Cheats to Keep You Gorgeous and Selfie Ready

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Everything above our shoulders is on show most of the time. That’s a lot to think about every morning. And it can take a lot of work to get it all looking the way we want to as well. Aside from the vanity vantage, there are lots of reasons why we should take the time to care for everything above our shoulders. As it’s all on show, that means it is all exposed to everything the environment throws at it. Which is a scary thought, isn’t it? 

Here’s are some of my favourite beauty cheats to keep you gorgeous and selfie ready.

You’ll Want to Take a Pic After Trying These Beauty Cheats

Keep Your Locks Looking Long and Luscious

Hair is fragile and vulnerable, yet every woman works hard to make it look thick, shiny, and strong. This can lead to even more fragility and vulnerability! It’s the scalp that is the most important thing to consider here. If your scalp is upset by excessive products or tight updos, then chances are hair will not grow back. It might even shed a lot more than you would like, leading to thinning hair lines and bald patches. Yikes!

Wearing hair down is ideal, but this can be annoying if you’re busy, outdoors, or working out. Looser ties like scrunchy bands can help. If you wear anything like a hat or wig, make sure your scalp can breathe. Try a light scarf instead.

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Pearly Whites Makes for the Best Smile

White teeth are so important. They’re a sign of good health, and they brighten up every smile. Cosmetic dentistry returns teeth to a brilliant white and immediately removes jagged edges. Veneers can cover up a multitude of sins, and metal colour fillings can be replaced with porcelain ones.

If you’re going to invest in good teeth, then make sure your oral hygiene is top spec. Floss daily to protect the gums, and avoid any enamel damaging foods and drinks. Mouthwash is perfect for getting rid of any bacteria that brushing can’t remove. Some dentists can go a step further. You might be eligible for realignment or implants if your smile requires them. Confidence can be boosted, and you can find it much easier to flash a smile without feeling self-conscious.

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Nobody Can Deny Glowing Skin is Fabulous

The skin on your face is hard work to maintain! Traffic fumes, stormy weather, heat and cold all affect our skin in bad ways. There are two ways to protect it. The first is with a really strict cleansing and moisturizing routine night and day. The second is with makeup choices that are designed for delicate or sensitive skin.  

If you’re not keen on exercise, try to find other ways to cleanse your pores. Steam can work in the same way as sweating from a workout. Your pores open, and the toxins come out. Be sure to cleanse gently but thoroughly. Then refine or close the pores with cold water, toner gel, or your preferred pore treatment.

Moisturizers come in different bottles, but they are all designed to replace lost moisture and act as a barrier against drying. Vulnerable areas are around the eyes, across the cheeks, and around the chin. Add a moisturizing lip balm to your beauty routine to reduce the risk of a sore mouth, too.

What are your favourite beauty cheats?

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