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What You Need to Know About the Hottest Fall Beauty Trends

Hottest Fall Beauty Trends | The Lady-like Leopard

Fall has descended on us with the same delicacy as a golden leaf dropping from the tree and floating toward the cold grounds below. (Picturesque, isn’t it?) That means a new season is now upon us and with it comes new trends that we can try and enjoy. We’re not talking about fashion here, ladies. We’re talking about the hottest fall beauty trends we’ve seen all over the catwalks. So, without further ado, here are the looks you should be modelling from now until Spring.

What You Need to Know About the Hottest Fall Beauty Trends

Imperfections Are Perfect

Every girl will agree—smudging your lipstick and then having to reapply it is one of the most annoying, time-wasting pet-peeves known to beauty. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. As many catwalk shows proved, imperfect lipstick is all the rage. That’s right. This fall is all about getting that just-been-smooched look of worn-in lipstick. Amazing.

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Brows Don’t Have To Be Bold

Sure, the big, bold, Cara Delevingne brows may not get run out of town anytime soon, but the rise of bleached brows have made an impact on the fashion world. Barely-there brows are on the rise, which is great news for anyone who finds it tough to tame theirs and would much rather spend that time using eye-shadow to make a statement.

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Minimalism Is Taking Off

This may not sound like anything new because, let’s be honest, natural beauty has been enjoying a lot of attention recently. The kind that has seen glowing skin shine through thanks to certain little hacks, including the use of dermal fillers. This trend has been elevated, though. It’s now all about minimalism that is groomed, creating that highly sophisticated look that the Bella Hadid’s of this world love to rock. Basically, bare is better.

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Manicures Should Be Mega

If you haven’t seen it already, you’re about to witness nail salons get totally booked up. Which is why you need to stop reading, get on the phone and book your appointment now! You see, the statement manicure is back on the radar and in a big way. Everyone at this year’s shows were all rocking bold nails, patterned nails and even nails with designer logos on them. So, whatever your fancy and whatever your influence, speak to your lady in the salon and get them to run with it in the boldest way possible.

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The Sixties Are Back

Everyone that likes to go bold adores the sixties – whether they were there or not. It is one of the most celebrated times in fashion and it’s back. This time focusing its attention on your lashes. Forget minimalism on this front, instead think bold colours, thick mascara and even clumpy styling that could look like you were out partying all night and then overslept. This is what people will be rocking this season, so get ahead of the curve and set the trend with your friends.

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Straight As You Like

While the cool-girl hair is definitely in—tousled and texturized—there has been a real love for straight-as-straight hair, too. So sleek and shiny you would be forgiven for thinking it had been photoshopped. We know this can take a lot of time but, if you are looking to make an effort, then this is the styling that the world is loving right now.

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