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Tips for Achieving the Perfect Hairstyle at Home—Plus Insta-Worthy Hair by Anna Giannini

The Perfect Hairstyle at Home | The Lady-like Leopard

As women, we love playing around with different styles for our hair. Yet somehow our hair never looks as good when we are actually doing it to hit the town with the girls or to go to that super important meeting at work. However, there’s no reason why we can’t achieve the perfect hairstyle at home ourselves. All it takes are the right products, knowledge and practice.

Recently, I had my hair styled by Anna Giannini for a L’Oréal Pro hair competition. She styled my hair up in cool girl waves and then transformed the look into an insta-worthy up-do with pins, pearls and a bit of product. I loved seeing my hair done up like that! From bone straight locks to cool girl waves? I’ll take it.

The Perfect Hairstyle at Home | The Lady-like Leopard

The Perfect Hairstyle at Home | The Lady-like Leopard

Doesn’t it look amazing?! If I was scrolling through Instagram, I’d definitely stop to check out that hair. So, if you want to get the perfect hairstyle at home, here are some tips on how to do it. 

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Hairstyle at Home

The Perfect Hairstyle at Home | The Lady-like Leopard

Greasy hair is better

I don’t mean so greasy that you could fry an egg on it—ew! Hair that is one or two days old after washing is so much easier to work with than freshly blow dried hair. This is because your hair has had a chance to generate some of it’s natural oils. Therefore making it easier to style and reducing the chance of fly away hairs. If you’re worried about your hair looking a bit too greasy to go out with, consider fluffing it up with some dry shampoo once you’ve finished styling your hair.

Hack: Dry shampoo is also brilliant for helping to create volume.

Practice will make—as perfect as you want

In your spare time, research the hairstyles that you think are cool—and then have a go at doing it yourself. The more times that you attempt your desired hairstyle, the better you will become at it because you’ll pick up your own techniques. If you really don’t have an eye for styling your hair just by watching a video, consider getting a mobile hairdresser to come to your home and do it for you! You could even ask them to demonstrate how to achieve that look again in the future.

Keeping it natural is always better

If you’re constantly putting products into your hair, you will be damaging the natural follicles of your hair. Try going without hair products for a while, and you will notice the improvement in how soft your hair is, and also how much longer you’ll be able to go without having to wash it too. Try not to dye your hair too much, as this will damage your hair over time. 

The more natural your hair is, the easier it will be to style however you want it. Remember though, too much heat applied to the hair can be just as damaging—so don’t forget to use heat protection like moroccan oil on your hair. (Or, by using the product shown above that. It’s amazing!)

The Perfect Hairstyle at Home | The Lady-like Leopard

Updating your hair equipment is essential

Older hair dryers are often more damaging to your hair than up to date ones because the element would have burnt out over time! So, consider updating what you’re using on your hair. Changing your hair brush will do your hair the world of good. Did you know, that you’re supposed to replace your hair brush every six to twelve months? It apparently helps to prevent damage to your hair. 

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to achieve the perfect hairstyle at home! Try out these tips today so that you can start having your hair perfectly styled all of the time.

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All photos were taken at Untitled by Flaunt Boutique. Book your appointment with Anna here.


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