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Australian Adventures—Safety Tips for Planning a Weekend in the Wilderness

Australian Adventures | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

Many people fly to Australia and visit cities like Sydney or Melbourne without ever venturing to the outback for wild Australian adventures. That makes sense because that area of the country is often unforgiving and dangerous. Still, lots of thrill-seekers like the idea of spending time in the wilderness and discovering the vast beauty of the Aussie desert.

With that in mind, there are some essential planning tips for travellers that should assist everyone in remaining as safe as possible. Don’t make the mistake of venturing into the outback without considering these tips!

Safety Tips for Planning Your Wild Australian Adventures

Australian Adventures | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

Hiring a suitable vehicle

The last thing anyone wants is for their car or truck to break down in the middle of the Australian desert. With that in mind, all adventure seekers will need to hire a suitable automobile for the journey. Consequently, experts from Australian 4WD Hire in Sydney say it’s sensible to make the booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. That way people can ensure they get something that’s robust and able to handle the landscape. Don’t make the mistake of driving off on your Australian adventures in something that will break after only a few hundred miles. While it’s possible to get assistance, recovery vehicles could take a long time to reach the location. As a result, all vehicles should:

  • Have a recent MOT
  • Come with a full tank of fuel
  • Contain a spare gas can for emergencies

Australian Adventures | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

Preparing for illness and injury

There is no getting away from the fact that the Australian outback is dangerous. After all, it’s home to some of the most poisonous and frightening creatures in the world. People who choose to travel there will have to watch out for spiders, snakes, and lots of creepy crawlies that could make them ill. Considering that, Australian Geographic says it’s vital that everyone takes a well-stocked first aid kit on their trip. That box should include:

  • Painkillers
  • Antivenom
  • Antiseptic creams

Australian Adventures | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

Taking a radio or phone

Those who spend time in the outback might save a lot of money, but they’ll also find themselves hundreds of miles away from civilization. It’s often impossible to get a cell phone signal—and so communication with the outside world is difficult in emergency situations. It’s sometimes possible to use radios to get in touch with others, but the best strategy is to invest in a satellite telephone. Those devices are often expensive to purchase but they’re worth the money. When all is said and done, people shouldn’t put a price on their safety!

Those who choose to put this advice into action should have a fantastic time in the Australian outback. Just be sure to research the route in advance, and stop off at all the exciting sights along the way. Contrary to popular belief, Ayers Rock is not the only attraction in the desert. Aboriginal people lived in the area for hundreds of years, and there are many paintings and other interesting things to see.

Also, don’t forget to take a camera because there are going to be many excellent photography opportunities during the trip. Above all else, be sure to have an amazing experience and encourage friends to take the trip too.

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