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In Case You Were Wondering—This is What My Dream Dressing Room Looks Like

My Dream Dressing Room | The Lady-like Leopard

Remember that scene in the Sex and the City movie when Carries tells Mr. Big not to get her a diamond—just a “really big closet” for their engagement? Well, I can totally relate. Except I want a ring and a really big closet but for now I’ll take just one. Doesn’t every girl fantasize about their dream dressing room?

Anyone who caught a glimpse of Mariah Carey’s closet on Vogue must have had a serious case of walk-in closet envy. Not only is that pretty much my ultimate dream dressing room—it’s my ultimate dream living space. After all, her closet is about 100 times bigger than my minuscule apartment. But hey, a girl can dream!

This is What My Dream Dressing Room Looks Like

Of course, my dream dressing room would be extremely aesthetically pleasing. I’d probably want to hang out in there all the time. Who wouldn’t?! It would be so nice, I could host champagne parties in there and play dress up with all the fabulous clothes I’d obviously have hanging on rose gold metal hangers.

First of all, I’d definitely need a few comfy chairs like this:

My Dream Dressing Room | The Lady-like Leopard

Of course, an ultra-chic rug too:

My Dream Dressing Room | The Lady-like Leopard

And really incredible lighting with a super cool chandelier:

My Dream Dressing Room | The Lady-like Leopard

Last but not least, I would need a wild amount of leopard prints. Perhaps some leopard pillows, a piece of cheetah art (like this one that Elsa Hosk posed underneath) and an accent leopard print chair. Not to mention my abundance of leopard print clothing and accessories.

Obviously I’m going to need an extremely spacious New York City penthouse apartment to accommodate all of this. But I was going to have that anyways, so win/win. What does your dream dressing room look like? Tweet me @ladylikeleopard and let me know!

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