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Bridal Style: The Finishing Wedding Day Touches That Make a Bride

The day we get married is probably the most special day in our lives, so it’s essential that we look and feel our best. While the dress is the biggest part of bridal style, it’s important to not forget all the special details. Because we want to feel feminine and gorgeous on our wedding day, right?

So, here are our top finishing touches to make sure that you leave nothing to chance and feel a million dollars on your big day!

Bridal Style: The Finishing Wedding Day Touches That Make a Bride

BRIDAL STYLE | The finishing touches that make a bride | The Lady-like Leopard

Finding your perfect hairstyle

Most brides will want to have at least one hair rehearsal to make sure that everything goes without a hitch on the big day. Organizing a hair appointment with a bridal hair stylist a few months before your wedding is really important in order for you to begin experimenting with the different hair styles that best suit you and the dress you’re wearing.

Perhaps you’re going for an up-do. In that case, you’re going to need to come with a few photos of what you want so your hairdresser knows where to begin. As all brides hair types differ, there may be some styles that you like that just don’t work for your type of hair. Planning in advance will make sure that you are not disappointed on the day if your hair does not go accordingly!

Perhaps you fancy having your hair down on your day but want to look at ways that make that style look extra special. Perhaps you want to try adding curls, flowers, decorative clips or even clip in hair extensions to add volume and length to your hair. Make sure you go with at least a vague idea of what you want so that your hairdresser knows which direction to go in!

A pair of statement footwear

While most brides opt for something elegant and graceful, there are many other bridal shoe options that can reflect your personality and bridal style. If your wedding reception is going to be outdoors you may want to opt for a flatter shoe to prevent you from constantly losing your heels in the lawn or tripping over your gown. Or perhaps you have a really sporty side to your personality and you’d prefer a really pretty pair of pearl white tennis shoes.

Whatever you decide there is nothing to say that you can’t wear your most elegant heels for the ceremony itself and then change into a more comfortable pair of flats later on in the day. There really is nothing worse than hobbling around your wedding reception with sore and blistered feet from new, uncomfortable shoes. So make sure you have planned ahead with a more comfortable alternative should they become uncomfortable throughout the day.

BRIDAL STYLE | The finishing touches that make a bride | The Lady-like Leopard

Going for non-traditional headwear

There are so many beautiful alternatives to the traditional veil. Many brides are opting for unique headpieces instead. For example, flower crowns are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer weddings. If you’re not willing to say goodbye to the veil altogether there are also options to combine a flower crown with a veil – so you can have the best of both worlds.

A jewelled headpiece is also an option for those of you that love all things sparkly and fabulous. Or for those looking for a really natural, fresh look there are some rustic options available made with eucalyptus leaves, ivy and mini berries that look very striking at winter weddings.

Personalizing your details

When it comes to wedding no one knows more what is right than you. So you should really spend some time thinking about the overall bridal style that you would like for your wedding and from there thinking about all the little details that can really set it off. Flowers should reflect your personality and style and your bridal floral arrangements should be the main floral feature that is echoed around all the other flower arrangements around the church and wedding reception.

Your bridal makeup should also be in keeping with your bridal style. Natural women should still want to look like themselves on their wedding day, so look at bridal make-up schemes that are elegant and natural. If you are a woman that likes to be more adventurous with makeup then you may want to try something completely different for your wedding. You must think about all these little details, and practice them all before the big day, to make sure that you feel and look like the beautiful bride you always dreamed you would be.

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