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Admit it, You’re Just a Bit in Love With Blake Lively’s Style—Well, Here’s How to Get It

We don’t know anyone who isn’t a little bit in love with Blake Lively. She seems to have a perfect life. She has a beautiful family, a handsome hubby, an amazing job, and she always looks incredible! While we can’t promise you a movie role or Ryan Reynolds, we can give you some top tips on how to achieve the ultimate Blake Lively Style.

How to Get Blake Lively Style in Five Steps

How to get Blake Lively Style | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Hampton’s Magazine

Those luscious blonde locks 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with Blake’s signature hair style. She is famed for her effortless, beach goddess hair – which looks like she has barely made any effort at all. Of course, in reality, it takes effort to look this good. The former Gossip Girl actress experimented with a vibrant red shade a few years ago, but she was back to her much-loved golden shade within no time.

If you don’t have thick or lengthy hair, extensions are a must to emulate this lock. The key is loose curls and subtle volume. So, gently tease your hair at the crown and brush out your curls once you’ve styled your hair.

Makeup that kills it every time

Blake never goes overboard with her makeup. She plays by the rules. If she goes for a daring, dark lipstick, you can be sure that the rest of her makeup will be minimalistic. Most of the time you’ll find her giving off a carefree California vibe. To achieve this, use a light cream foundation, and add bronzer to your cheekbones to get a natural sun-kissed appearance.

For more tips on keeping your skin in flawless condition like Blake, click here.

How to get Blake Lively Style | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Hampton’s Magazine

Her super fit body

Blake has a body to die for, and her nutritionist, Steve Macari, revealed what she ate to get in shape for The Shallows. (I.E. a film where she wears nothing but a bikini for the most part.) Blake followed the 80/20 rule, meaning she was allowed to cheat for 20% of the time, and for 80% of the time she had to stick to a program rigorously.

Her program involved focusing on the highest quality food available, like free range eggs and organic vegetables. She incorporated superfoods into her diet, always ate breakfast, and reached for carbs in the form of fruit, potatoes, and rice after working out.

Those pearly white teeth

Like most celebrities, we can assume that Blake has had some work done on her teeth. After all, she does have a flawless, white Hollywood smile. This is something you can achieve too. But you don’t need to have Blake’s bank balance! There are plenty of affordable cosmetic dentistry services available today, including teeth whitening.

Her envy-inducing wardrobe 

Last but not least, Blake Lively always gets it right on the fashion front, whether she is dazzling on the red carpet or caught off guard enjoying a casual day out with her family. One of the reasons why she always looks insanely good is because she knows how to dress to suit her figure. She wears outfits that flaunt her best features. She also has fun mixing and matching different styles, and she has got the Old Hollywood look down to a tee.

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This ‘Blake Lively Style’ post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. All imagines courtesy of Guy Aroch for Hampton’s Magazine.

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