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Why Being a Skincare Rebel Should be in Your Cards Starting Right Now

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In a world where there’s so much pressure in “following the crowd we’re all guilty of following along blindly. Our skincare routines are no different. We buy products because they’re the next big thing. We take inspiration from celebrities and beauty gurus. And, let’s be honest – we’re all guilty of trying a product because our friends are using it. This is why I’m proposing that you try being a skincare rebel.

The fact that we take our inspiration from so many sources could be why we find it hard to get skincare right. The struggle for the perfect skin routine is ongoing. Many of us have accepted that fate, and continue the journey in the hope of coming across that special one. Some of us give up altogether.

What if we were to tell you that you can find something that works by changing the way you search? There are many reasons following the crowd isn’t a good idea (in any life situation). Where skincare is concerned, the crowd are rarely reliable. But, if you can’t take inspiration, how can you make a breakthrough? Easy! All it takes is a shifting of values and a new way of thinking.

Why Being a Skincare Rebel Should be in Your Cards

When you think about it, it makes sense that simple skin tips and general advice don’t always work. Our skin is as unique as our personalities. So, everyone has individual skincare needs. And, you neglect those needs when you go with what’s popular, or what your favourite celeb is doing. What works for one person may not work for you. So, the right routine will never seem so far away as when following someone else’s. Yes, we can label our skin under generic terms like ‘oily,’ and ‘dry’. But, there are a wealth of different skin types within those categories.

So, how can you work around the problem? One way is to look at companies like Beauty Ambition, who review a wealth of different products. Sites like these will give you a better idea of your options. The more you know about what’s available, the better able you’ll be to find something that’s right. A celebrity or beauty blogger may favour one product. But, a review site should give an unbiased opinion of many.

And, one of them may well be right for you. There’s no denying that you may have to buy a few duds before you find the product you’ve been searching for. But, it’s worth the expense. And, you can bet you’ll find something that works a lot sooner than you would have.

It’s also important to know your skin. It may seem strange, but it’s something few of us take the time to do. During your experimentation, you should have gotten somewhat familiar with its habits. But, take note of any changes. Recognize whether it’s oily or dry, but know that products for those skin types may not work. Take note, too, of how your skin adjusts to different seasons. It may be that you need to alter your routine a little each time. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to try something different!

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