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How to Take Kylie Jenner’s Style and Make it Your Own

Kylie Jenner's Style | The Lady-like Leopard Blog by Melina Morry

At 19, Kylie Jenner is one of the few young celebrities who has already experienced a massive – and fabulous – transformation. I mean, who doesn’t envy Kylie Jenner’s style just a little bit?

Her lips, her body, her entire look all seem different from the first time she entered the spotlight. Despite all the changes, some parts of Kylie remains consistent. Kylie Jenner’s style is consistently fabulous.

Kylie Jenner is known to have a dynamic style that focuses on edginess and elegance. Moreover, she has a great sense of fashion when it comes to women’s clothing, a blitz of accessories and cosmetics. At a young age, her unique fashion style is tantalizing.

She has already released different fashion lines with her sister Kendall. Adding to that, she solely released Kylie Hair Kouture, a hair extension line, and Kylie Lip Kit, a makeup line. And not to mention, she’s also appeared on many magazine covers around the world.

Even before all of this, Kylie Jenner was a fashion risk-taker. Kylie is known for her bold and edgy style choices and her willingness to forgo any criticisms when it comes to fashion. Though she loves experimenting with her gorgeous looks, she’s known for her different fashion trends and glamorous outfits.

You can spot Kylie in a super tight mini dress or party style sexy dress with plunging neckline partnered with killer heels and bold, provocative makeup.

How to Take Kylie Jenner’s Style and Make it Your Own

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Go for classy a black and white colour scheme

Kylie loves to play with black and white on her outfits. Whether going on a red carpet event or going out for shopping, she uses a combination of black and white. Since black and white never goes out of style, it makes a good combination with any color to match.

If you want to emulate a mini-Kylie, you should always keep some black and white in your clothing selection for a classy and elegant look.

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There are a variety of dresses to choose from

As for dresses, Kylie is versatile on her dress choice. From fitted vintage dresses to oversized pieces, there is no particular kind of dress she doesn’t wear. Even with her selection of dresses, she shows a preference for black and white.

Because of her diverse taste in clothes, she already modeled puffy and flowery dresses, gem and stone-studded gowns, and also flowy ones. With Kylie’s dress taste, you can go wild and all out. So, better explore a variety of options for dresses and let loose the Kylie in you.

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Don’t be afraid to loosen up your tops

Kylie usually wears loose-fitting and low-cut shirts. Often, she goes for a tucked-in top matched with high-waisted shorts. While out for shopping or just casually going out, she wears boyfriend-style tees and oversized hoodies.

Also, there are times when she settles in with just a beautiful blazer or a multi-coloured blouse. She is also seen wearing a halter ensemble and sleeveless tops.

You can add some variety to your wardrobe with a little spice of Kylie-inspired clothes. Moreover, Kylie is a fan of overalls. She’s been wearing overalls paired with a fitting undershirt since we started keeping up with their family.

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Tight pants and leggings are the best – obviously

Who wouldn’t love wearing tight pants and leggings? Well, Kylie wears her pants tight all the way to the calf. This choice of outfit is versatile. Moreover, it fits nicely into anything from a business kind of attire to a party-ready outfit.

She’s seen on TV wearing a tight red pair of dress pants paired with a broad-shouldered white blazer for an elegant and stunning look. However, she’s sighted also walking around clothed in a similar pair of pants, but in a more casual loose top.

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Switch up your pumps and heels

Kylie loves to wear a wide variety of shoes depending on the occasion. On the street, she wears fashionable boots, sandals, or sneakers. On the other hand, Kylie wears platform heels or pumps for an elegant and stunning look on the red carpet.

Kylie seems to pair abstract and unusual heels with a low-key outfit for fancy occasions. The effect is breathtaking. Nevertheless, if you want to have that striking look, you can wear high-fashion footwear.

Her choice of casual shoes come in a variety of styles. From black sneakers to leopard print flat tops, she goes all out on her shoe style. You can be playful and fun with your choice of casual shoes while looking fabulous and staying true to Kylie Jenner’s style.

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One of the biggest names in the fashion industry is Kylie Jenner. At such a young age, she climbed her way to the top. With her different taste, bold and edgy fashion, she is unparalleled when it comes to her style.

Even though we want to be as stylish and fashionable as Kylie and would want to copy some of her fashion taste, that doesn’t mean her sense of style should exceed your fashion instincts. Take into account Kylie Jenner’s style but don’t lose sight of your own.

For a unique and genuine look, add your creativity and magic into your outfits. Experiment and discover the right style that fits you and expresses who you are. Whatever happens, you should just be yourself and create your distinct fashion style.

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