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How to Turn Your Empty Space Into Your Very Own Walk-In Closet

diy walk-in closets - the lady-like leopard

Have you got a spare room going to waste? And yes, going to waste includes waiting for guests. Get a sofa bed and put that room to good use for all the times you don’t have anyone staying. Then, the room is your oyster. In this case, we’re going to look at turning your spare rooms in DIY walk-in closets.

Okay, you may have to clear this with your partner first. But, the argument is a strong one.

Our appearance has a huge impact on how we interact with the outside world. And, it changes the way we feel in our skin! So, it makes perfect sense that you dedicate the correct amount of space to your beauty quest. How else can you ensure you leave the house looking Vogue-ready? Plus, moving clothes from the bedroom means that you can sleep without clutter. It’s got to be a good thing, right?

If it helps, give your man half of the room for his own beauty quest. Once you’ve managed to convince him a changing room is a good idea, there are a few things you need to make sure to include! Here’s how to do your own DIY walk-in closets.

How to Turn Your Empty Spaces Into DIY Walk-In Closets

diy walk-in closets - the lady-like leopard

Make the space beautiful

As this is a space to perfect your beauty, it makes sense to make the room as beautiful as possible. Do your room up so that you feel inspired to do yourself up when you’re in it! Get some ideas from decor magazines. Think about incorporating wall art and bright colours. It may also be worth getting a rug. Choose a bold colour. As well as brightening the space, this will save the hardwood floors. If you’re anything like us, the floor of your makeup area will be a war zone of black smudges! A bold coloured rug will help to hide little mistakes like that.

It’s also worth turning your attention to getting some beautiful curtains. Remember, this is where you’ll be getting ready each morning. You want the space to be inspiring. That way, you know you’ll start each day on the right footing. Why not hang pictures of your favourite fashion icons on the walls? You could hang a few inspirational quotes in there, too. Why not? The better the space makes you feel, the better you’ll get yourself looking each day!

Make room for the clothes

During your redesign, remember to consider where you want to keep your clothes. It won’t be much of a changing room without them. Buying rails could be a fantastic idea. That way, your clothes will become a decorative feature of the room. You could even have a little fun and colour code them. This will also save you having to rummage through drawers of clothes for ideas. All your options will be right in front of your eyes.

But if you don’t like your clothing exposed, rails may not be the best design choice for you. Instead, think about whether a wardrobe would work. Do you want something imposing or subtle? Do a little research to see what your options are. You may want a chest of drawers instead. It would certainly look neater. But, bear in mind that finding an outfit would be harder that way. We all know the frustration of rummaging through endless piles of clothes in the morning!

Don’t forget the vanity table

Of course, no changing room would be complete without a vanity table. Are you fed up of stretching to see what you’re doing in the bathroom mirror? A vanity table will be a game changer! For the most part, any desk will do this job. The best choice is an option with a lot of storage. The benefit of a vanity particular table is that it will already be kitted out with makeup facilities! Which, is what you need your vanity for, right? The good news is, you can buy the kit to turn any desk into the perfect makeup storing facility. Compare prices and see what your best option is.

As well as the table itself, think about mirror and chair. Make putting makeup on feel like a luxury by getting a chair that’s comfortable! Too often, we perch on uncomfortable surfaces while we rush to finish our makeup. Is it any wonder that we don’t always do the best job possible? You’re going to want to sit forward to see what you’re doing, so a firm stool is usually the best option. Get a padded one and apply your makeup in the comfort you deserve! With your mirror, the options aren’t so complex. As long as you’re happy with the size and how it looks, it’s job done!

It may also be worth playing around with where you put the mirror. The best way to learn is by doing, so try out a few different angles and see what you think of the results. It may also be worth considering a mirror with lights installed. We all know that struggle of trying to find the perfect lighting to see what we’re doing. Rid yourself of the hassle by making your own light.

Get the gadgets

As you’re dedicating a room to your beauty quest, it makes sense to get some gadgets to help out. Dedicate a drawer to the cause and stock up on the best pieces on the market. Win the battle with your skin by finding out about the best facial steamers. That way, you can achieve glowing skin from home.

Gadgets are also useful when it comes to getting your hair the way you want it. From curlers to high-end straighteners; you now have room for it all. There’s no need to stop there, either. Take your pick from many spa quality gadgets you can use in your home. They may seem pricey to start, but think about how much money you’ll save on visits to an actual spa. Besides, your changing room is all about changing the way you view your beauty. Pampering yourself with the top gadgets on the market is a sure way to make you feel good.

Build your makeup collection

When you’re working with a small makeup bag, it’s hard to create a makeup collection to be proud of. It’s hard enough rummaging through the few pieces you do have, right? Good news – your changing room is a complete game changer for your makeup collection. You don’t have to settle for one foundation and a single eyeliner any longer. Go crazy and treat yourself. Buy all those lipstick colors you’ve never had space for before. And, don’t forget to dedicate a drawer to nail polish, too!

If you’ve never had the chance to explore the world of makeup before, you might not know where to start. Turn to beauty bloggers and vloggers who can point you in the right direction. Bear in mind that makeup is expensive. Make sure you don’t waste your money on inferior products. Find beauty gurus with similar tastes to your own, and buy products they recommend. Knowing that someone you respect supports a product means you’re more likely to get along with it. Don’t be afraid to try makeup you’ve never used before, either. Watch a few tutorials to get an idea of how to use it, then experiment!

As you get new pieces, make sure to get on top of your organization game, too. Taking control of this before things get out of control is the best chance you have of getting it right. Dedicate a drawer to each part of your routine, or each type of makeup. Then, buy makeup holders that can keep everything separate and in the right place! Make sure to clean these drawers out regularly to avoid mess building. You’ve spent enough money on that makeup – look after it the way you should!

The essential full length mirror

No changing room would be complete without a full-length mirror. You wouldn’t be impressed if a changing room in a shop didn’t allow you to look at the outfit you’ve tried on. Your changing room is no different! You need to know how you look before you leave the house each day. You can’t do that until you have a full-length mirror installed. So, get shopping!

It’s worth going to a real shop for this one. You’ll need to stand in front of your choices and get a good feel for each. There’s no set size because we all vary in height. So, find a mirror that’s the right size for you. Bear in mind that you’ll want to see your outfit in its entirety. Aim for a mirror that shows the top of your head to the tips of your toes. A little space either side wouldn’t go amiss, either. Once you’ve found the perfect mirror, it’s important you find the ideal location to keep it. Aim for somewhere near to your clothes. That way, you can see how your picks look without having to go far!

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