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Re-Imagining Beauty Standards within Yourself – and off Social Media

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS by fashion journalist Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. Magnolia Hotel, Victoria, December 2016.

Let’s face it. There’s always something on our bodies that we aren’t too fond of. It can be the smallest thing that nobody has ever noticed – or is hidden away from sight. But you can still feel it and know it’s there. It’s not like it’s causing anybody any harm apart from you. It may be something that’s an easy fix such as a hairstyle or the colour that you’ve painted your nails that week. Other times, it can be something that is really dragging you down day to day.

It’s Time to Stop the Pose and Re-Imagine Beauty off Social Media

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS by fashion journalist Melina Morry for The Lady-like Leopard. Photo by Morgan Cross Photography. Magnolia Hotel, Victoria, December 2016.

Remember, remember…

The important thing to remember with our bodies is that every single one is different. Even identical twins don’t have the same bodies! It’s a butterflies and hurricanes effect; one decision in a person’s life can cause a permanent change to something on their bodies. Tattoos are the most obvious example of this, but even tripping over and leaving a scar on your face can set the most lookalike of twins apart.

It’s not easy being perfect

We are always striving to better ourselves, for our idea of perfection. Whether it’s choosing silicone gel implants to get our ideal bust or taking a hairstyling course to learn the tricks of the trade for a fantastic braid, there are definitely things that we can do to get ahead. But while we’re focusing on looks and how we’re perceived, think of how much energy we are wasting thinking about these things when we could channel them into significantly more important stuff.

Back to the beginning

Think about the hobbies that you have – maybe pastimes from when you were child. This could be an instrument you haven’t played in years, or a piece of art that you never finished. There are so many things that we put to one side for the sake of looking good. It can’t be denied; looking good gets you places, and vanity definitely exists in the workplace right up beside nepotism. It shouldn’t, but it does.

Remember Ugly Betty? It’s safe to say that in a few choice businesses, this is definitely the case. However, there are workplaces alongside these which do employ on the grounds of experience, intellect and outside interests. Unless you are going for a job in theatrical makeup or as a stylist on a counter in a mall, there is little chance that your experiments with lipstick will count towards your ideal career.

Leave it behind

It’s time to step away from the beauty products. If we invested as much time as we did into bettering ourselves within as we did the exterior, our possibilities would be endless. We are always looking for our next selfie, on the hunt to get the perfect angle and we are increasing our knowledge of what we need to put onto our face to get there. Instead of worrying about your presence online, it’s time that we start to realize that there is a real world out there waiting to see what we’re made of.

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This ‘Stop the Pose’ post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. 


Melina Morry is the author behind the blog The Lady-like Leopard. She has a journalism/fashion design degree and all that other boring stuff but most importantly she's a master of her own spots and is always hungry for more adventure. Melina works as a writer and fashion journalist all over the world. She's been spotted in New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Toronto - to name a few. She loves to be raw, fierce and a rare breed. Follow along with her on social media at @ladylikeleopard.

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