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A Look at the Brand, the Collection and the Clients Behind Hip and Bone

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After seeing the Hip and Bone show at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, I was instantly hooked on their style. The clothes were minimal, memorable and right up my alley. I’d even go as far as to say that Hip and Bone was my favourite designer of the season. Which is why, of course, I had to find out more.

I chatted with the man behind Hip and Bone, Carlos Fogelman, about the collection, the brand and the clients. Carlos has shown his collections all over the world – namely in Toronto, Montreal and Shanghai. Hip And Bone has also been spotted on a few high profile celebs like Kanye West, Jared Leto and Ryan Gosling. Next up: you.

Read on to check out my interview with one of the coolest brands showing at TOM*FW.

hip and bone - the lady-like leopard

Hip and Bone: The Brand

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: Since the launch of Hip and Bone in 2011, your brand has come a long way. Where do you see the brand heading in the future?

HIP AND BONE: One of our main goals going forward is to establish a wider reach where our followers worldwide can better access the collection. We are quickly adapting and evolving towards creating constant new product for our customers to always have something fresh and exciting to look forward to. In addition, we have heavily expanded our design studios this year to prepare for the launch of our future women’s line.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: Hip and Bone strives to create pieces that will outlast changing styles and fashions. What is your strategy behind creating that?

HIP AND BONE: We try to heavily breakdown pieces that have been staples throughout history. Once we choose a style, we work on perfecting the fit and re-constructing it using modern and tech fabrics as well as trims that will be comfortable and stylish for many years to come.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: How are you redefining your basics and setting them apart from other brands?

HIP AND BONE: If you spend a day in our design studio you will see our team wearing samples and testing every aspect of all our designs. One of the main goals we want to achieve is a feeling when you wear the collection. We want our clothes to represent who you are. The fact that as humans we strive to achieve a better state and always evolve is a limestone of Hip and Bone’s DNA.

hip and bone - the lady-like leopard

Hip and Bone: The Collection

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: What was it like showing your brand at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week for the first time last year?

HIP AND BONE: It’s great to be able to tell a live story of your inspiration and vision. Many times as a brand we produce catalogs and images but actually putting our collection on a runway allows us to really communicate an emotion.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: You then showed your Fall/Winter 2016 collection on the runway at TOM*FW. How do you think that collection compared to your last?

HIP AND BONE: In comparison to our last collection, this one is a result of a much greater and experienced design team. For FW16, it was “all about showing people the beautiful struggle”. Much of that is interpreted through the camouflage patterns, meant to signify “the everyday soldier in us”. The collection captures the drive to accomplish something better – using crocodile leathers and marble patterns to represent the luxuries we work to achieve.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: What elements are most important to you when designing a new collection?

HIP AND BONE: I truly believe that clothes are all about saying something about who you are and how you feel. The choices people make regarding their personal style represent how we’re feeling, what we want to achieve, [and] where we want to get to.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: There were a lot of prints, textures and “understated standouts” on the runway last season. Where do you draw inspiration from?

HIP AND BONE: The Camouflage: Represents the soldier inside us all. The battle and struggle we all go through with our lives, jobs, health, government and more. The Marble: Represents luxury and achievement. The need to achieve a better state of life and accomplishments which many of us seek. The crocodile print: This is a signature to Hip And Bone. We make some of the finest exotic leather accessories and clothing in the world. Croc skin is timeless and a true symbol of luxury.

hip and bone - the lady-like leopard

Hip and Bone: The Client

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: Who is the Hip and Bone man?

HIP AND BONE: The Hip and Bone man is a knowledge-filled, loving, truth-seeker with a deep appreciation for art, travel and style.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: What’s something you’ve learned about men and their relationship with fashion since creating Hip and Bone?

HIP AND BONE: Men are more conscious of their dressing persona than ever. We make clothes that become a staple in a man’s closet and are go-to, easy pieces for everyone to wear on any occasion. The brand today has grown to many categories from shoes, accessories, loungewear, sportswear and a sophisticated streetwear. We are capable of being a complete wardrobe supplier for our customers. All are pieces designed to combine and match with one another.

THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD: Since many Hip and Bone pieces are neutral enough to be worn by either a man or a woman, do you get a lot of ladies buying your clothes? In gender-neutral clothing something you’ve considered?

HIP AND BONE: It’s funny you ask, our first collections 5 years ago where exactly that. For 2017 we have some exciting surprises. Stay tuned.

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All photos courtesy of Hip & Bone.

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