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How to Get Your Beauty Routine Sunshine Ready

spring beauty hacks - the lady-like leopard

Winter can often feel never ending when it’s here. Harsh weather and freezing temperatures are never the friend for your skin. We’re eager to get ready for warmer weather and these spring beauty hacks will help!

The warmer months bring the promise of skin-plumping vitamins and natural bleaching for those blonde summer streaks. It won’t be too long before the warm rays are bathing your face, so while you’re thinking of all the bikinis and moisturizers you’ll need, don’t forget about your skin health. Those rays are beautiful but the radiation that comes with them is not!

We’re ready to put the thick tights and knits away and grab our sandals. Soak in these spring beauty hacks and get ready to let the sunshine in. 

The Spring Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

spring beauty hacks - the lady-like leopard

Try a salt bath to reduce puffiness

The heat can make our bodies retain water and instantly swell ankles and fingers. Let go of the puff by relaxing in a bath of Epsom salts for twenty minutes every night, and you’ll feel bikini-body confident by morning. All the puffiness is drawn right out of your body, which in turn will give you a boost!

Invest in a good exfoliating scrub

Getting invested in body and face scrubs can clear the pores of dead skin cells and make you feel fresh and ready. It’s like sloughing off a winter skin ready for the summer! You want to feel confident with your pins out in a dress and exfoliating is the way to go for it.

Stay out of the sun (but still get a tan)

Fake bake is better than skin cancer bake! The sun is beautiful, but fake tan fully loaded with sunscreen and moisturiser can give you a sun-kissed glow without any of the risk. If you go for a spray tan rather than a bottle brown, you can avoid the streaky look and have an all over beautiful colour.

Speed up your hair growth with extensions

Lengthen your hair with tape in extensions. Flowing, beautiful locks are simple an extension of your summer look and if you want to brighten up your colour, add definition with a different tone. Highlighting the hair through without the need for harsh chemicals can make your hair stand out.

Keep your mani/pedi looking fresh

Manicures and pedicures are an absolute must when getting ready for the heat. Sandals mean toes out and that means beautifying your feet. There’s no more hiding in the summer with thick, fluffy socks being banished to the bureau. Pretty nails can make you feel fantastic and gives you a little lick of luxury.

Wear minimal makeup with lash extensions

Head to the salon and talk to a beautician about lash extensions. While the summer weather is gorgeous, it can get rather hot and make-up doesn’t often match the heat. There’s no need for smudged eyeliner and mascara, when you can have lashes put in, giving you the look of thick, highlighted eyes.

These spring beauty hacks are good to keep up all year ’round too! What are your top spring beauty tips? Tweet to me at @ladylikeleopard and let me know.

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