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The Ultimate Beauty Wishlist to Gift Yourself this Christmas

BEAUTY WISH LIST | The ultimate cosmetics to give yourself this Christmas the lady-like leopard

Christmas time is part of the year that we want to look our best because, well, it’s full of parties and get-togethers. Who doesn’t put their best stiletto-clad foot forward for a holiday party? But that means a lot of naughty food, coffees to get you awake in the morning post-hangover, and a fair bit of festive cheer in the form of alcohol. One thing that’ll perk you up: your beauty wishlist.

So the time of year you want to look your best can end up being the team of year that you actually look your worst! Yikes – I’m not about that at all. To help combat this, you should gift yourself a cosmetic themed beauty gift for Christmas! Something that will help you look and feel you best during this hectic party season.

The Ultimate Beauty Wishlist to Gift Yourself this Christmas

BEAUTY WISHLIST | The ultimate cosmetics to give yourself this Christmas the lady-like leopard

New brushes

A fab cosmetic gift to treat yourself to this Christmas season is some new brushes (I got a new set from MAC). Just think about how many times you apply your makeup. At least once a day, maybe twice if you are going out in the evening. So wouldn’t it be lovely to have a set of great quality brushes to do that with?

Top of the pile at the moment are the toothbrush-shaped variety. They have super soft bristles and make it super easy to get a polished soft look without much effort.

A luxe item

If you’re into larger gifts and gestures – especially when it come to getting them for yourself – you may want to think on a bigger scale. You could get yourself one or two super expensive products like a Kiss Kiss lipstick or a $200 face cream.

Then there are, of course, those huge gift sets that cost an arm and a leg but are worth it. How about a few days at a world famous spa, beauty treatments included of course! What better way to recoup from all that partying over Christmas and New Year than with a spa getaway?

A little tweak

You could go with the biggest gift of all and book yourself it for a little nip and tuck. Plastic surgery is not so taboo anymore and many normal everyday people use it to make maximize their natural looks.

There are all sorts of procedures to choose from. But one of the most popular is a nose job – honestly, I’ve been considering one since I was 8. If you are thinking about something like this, then speak to a rhinoplasty surgeon beforehand. You’ll be able to find out about all the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. You might want to leave it until after Christmas until you get it done though.

A plethora of minis and travel sizes

Maybe you are someone that doesn’t want to get themselves a big present for Christmas, but like have a little bit of everything? Then why not treat yourself to a selection of travel size or mini products?

A lot of the big brands are doing these, as they are a great way to try some iconic items like Benefit’s high beam without breaking the bank.

You can even look out for high-end free samples being sold on auctions sites. As they cost very little but you still get the quality and luxury of using a high-end product. Just make sure that they are genuine ones and not fakes! No one likes a fraud.

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