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The Best Places to Visit This Winter—and Not Worry About a Sunburn

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We all lean towards taking winter vacation in a hot, sunny, tropical location but let’s put our bikinis away for a second and take a look at some real winter vacations. Yes, I mean snow, skiing, toques, furry coats and hot chocolate all day long. Because, well, why not?

Here are a few of my top picks for where to take your winter vacation this year.

The Best Places to Visit on a Winter Vacation

WINTER VACATION | The best places to visit this winter - the lady-like leopard

Winter Vacation: Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian must for winter fun with over 200 different resorts. Travellers can go on a reindeer safari and sleep in hotels and igloos made out of ice. Sweden is one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis because of the ‘blue hole’ in the Abisko National Park. Along with reindeer or moose safaris, travellers can drive their own dog sleds, snowshoe through the Kungsleden, and dive into the culture-rich Sapmi of the Sami people. Enjoy unique tastes, go snowmobiling, and watch for the king of the forest (elk) all during your next winter vacation to Sweden.

Winter Vacation: Westfjords, Norway

With near-perfect conditions for skiing, Norway is a great stop for a winter vacation. But adventure isn’t all that Norway has to offer. With its Christmas Market in Oslo, the Gingerbread Town in Bergen, the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø, and the Polar Jazz music festival in Svalbard – Norway is one of the top destinations for fun and enchanting winter activities. Don’t forget to squeeze yourself into a sleigh for a little reindeer sledding with someone you love!

WINTER VACATION | The best places to visit this winter - the lady-like leopard

Winter Vacation: Banff, Canada

Granted, everyone knows how awesome Canada is for its winter activities, but probably the best place to go overall is Banff National Park. It has a delightful Winter Festival, so this stunning region in Canada is one of the best places for families and individuals to visit. The beautiful Ice Magic Festival exhibits some of the most astounding ice carving there is. In February, ski and snowboard pros compete in The Big Bear competition that is sure to impress. If you want to get there quick and easy, visit Canada ETA will grant your wishes.

Winter Vacation: Iceland

With spas and geothermal pools, northern lights sightings, majestic national parks and whale watching, Iceland is a lesser-known winter secret for explorers all over. Ice climbing and glacier hiking are very popular during the snowy months. The stunning Northwest corner of Iceland, known as the Westfjords, is a wonderfully unspoiled wilderness and a great area for exploration.

WINTER VACATION | The best places to visit this winter - the lady-like leopard

Winter Vacation: Switzerland

Named the “playground for the rich and famous”, Switzerland is a great place to stop at for the holiday season. With its picture-perfect cities like Bern and St. Moritz and access to the Alps, Switzerland offers one of the best places to spend your holidays abroad. Switzerland is the perfect fairytale vacation for families and individuals too.

Winter Vacation: Lake Tahoe, California

This place is famous for its beautiful scenery during the summer, but what you might not know about Lake Tahoe is that it is also an enchanting winter stay. With incredible skiing, Tahoe offers a ton of winter activities from snowshoeing, skating, sledding, and even great shopping. The resorts in the area also have some wonderful annual events, including the Magical Memories holiday celebration at the Squaw Creek Resort. Families can take part in the Grand Tree Lighting Ceremony, have Breakfast with Santa, and walk along the Gingerbread Village.

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