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Why You Should Visit New York City at Least Once in Your Life

Reasons to visit New York city. The Lady-like Leopard.

There are a number of reasons why New York City is described as the city that never sleeps – it’s a fun and vibrant city with a lot to see and do. I think that everyone should visit New York City at least once in their life. It really is a city like no other. 

Why You Should Visit New York City at Least Once


There’s a lot of culture to check out

If you’re looking for culture, then you’ve got it. There are plenty of galleries and museums, full of fascinating artifacts and paintings. There is the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, home of the New York City Opera and Ballet. There is, of course, the Juilliard Dance School too. You can’t visit New York without seeing a show on Broadway either. So be sure to schedule in a performance if you can!

There are historical monuments to visit, like the Empire State Building. The Chrysler Building and the Grand Central terminal too. It wouldn’t be a visit to New York without visiting the somber site of Ground Zero, the memorial for the September 11th terror attacks. So, there’s plenty to see and do for all tastes and preferences.

It’s really not as expensive as you think

A lot of people think that it’s too expensive to visit New York. I see why some people might think that, and it can cost a lot if you want it to. There are hotels like the Four Seasons, Crowne Plaza and the Waldorf Astoria but you don’t have to spend a lot either. There are plenty of cheaper options too. Check out NYC vacation rentals to see some more affordable places to stay.


Travelling around the city doesn’t have to break the bank either. The subway is reasonable and a quick way to travel. Taxi cabs are convenient but can cost quite a bit more. You’ve got to hail a cab at least when you visit, though, right?

They have a huge variety of food

The food is pretty amazing in New York. Like most cities, there is a large variety of food types to choose from. You could try a classic New York City street vendor and grab a hotdog, bagel or pretzel. Grabbing one of these and then taking a walk around Central Park is a classic thing to do while you are there. You could visit Chinatown to get some amazing Asian food or you can even visit places that have been featured in films like the Serendipity Cafe, from the film of the same name.

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The shopping is to die for

One of the other amazing things to do in New York is, of course, the shopping! You can’t go to New York without going shopping.  With the likes of Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s and Harry Winston you can’t go too far wrong. Not forgetting Bloomingdales, of course. It is some of the best shopping in the world. If you are planning to go around Christmas time, then it makes the shopping even more magical. You can ice skate in Central Park and outside the Rockefeller Centre too.  It would feel like you’re just in Home Alone 2!

Have you ever been to visit New York City before? I’d love to hear what your favourite things were! Tweet me at @ladylikeleopard.

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