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Brush up on Your Makeup Techniques with this Simple Advice

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I tend to keep my makeup fairly simple, but I like trying out new things. There’s nothing too complicated about by usual routine, but I love to learn more. I bet a lot of women (including myself) wish they had the time and talent to do something a bit more sophisticated than just some foundation and mascara in the morning.

If you want to do something that takes a bit more skill, you have to work on your makeup technique – otherwise, you’ll try to follow tutorials and end up looking a mess! Here are my top tips for improving your makeup techniques and finding your new look.

Brush up on Your Makeup Techniques with this Beauty Tutorial

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Watch Professionals

More than doing my own makeup, I love having someone else do it for me. Professional makeup artists can always do much more than I’m capable of. Watching someone do my makeup is an excellent way to learn something new and I’ve picked up many new techniques by observing someone else.

You don’t have to have your makeup done to watch someone – you can see people doing professional makeup online using tutorials from YouTube and other places. You could also go and watch someone at a makeup counter, but you might look a bit weird…

Master Your Tools

Do you have a number of makeup brushes but no idea how to use them? You might have a guess, but there doesn’t seem to be much difference between using one compared to another. Learning to use the right makeup brush can make a big difference to how well you can master your makeup. Plus, there are other useful tools apart from brushes that you can use. For example, many women find using a sponge to put on their foundation is much easier than rubbing it in with their hands (something which you shouldn’t be doing anyways!). Find out how to use each of your makeup tools so that you can make the most of them.


Some people make the mistake of applying a top coat of makeup right away. But there are many ways you can prepare your skin before you start adding color. For example, you might first use a moisturizer and a foundation before you put on any eyeshadow or blush. You should try a clear lip balm to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick or gloss. It will help to protect your skin and can also give you some assistance with keeping your makeup on for longer.

Practice on others

Not everyone is lucky enough to have patient and indulging friends. But if you do, you can use them to practice your skills. It can feel much easier to apply someone else’s makeup than your own. You don’t have to look in a mirror, and your canvas is right in front of you. When you next do your own makeup, you might have learned something from doing someone else’s.

Working on your makeup techniques can help you be much neater and more accurate. It will also give you the chance to be more creative and try new things!

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