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MISSISSAUGA FASHION WEEK 2015 | Make room for Ontario’s latest fashion week

mississauga fashion week 2015 | The Lady-like Leopard

For a long time big cities have been the ones to host the bigger events in the fashion industry, namely fashion week – or as we know it in Toronto, World MasterCard Fashion Week. People from all around make the trek to the downtown core to witness some of Canada’s biggest designers.

But what about people from outside the city?

It would get exhausting (I can only imagine) travelling to Toronto every time you wanted to see some good fashion, right? Well, not anymore! The city of Mississauga has taken matters into their own hands and created what they are calling Mississaugaย International Fashion Affair – or in other words, their own fashion week.

The launch happened on Saturday night and I was backstage to catch all the action while I helped style and dress models for my friend Paola’s jewellery line, Shilangoย (who had their very own set, yay!).

It was hectic backstage – which can be expected from any fashion week – but overall, for the first Mississauga Fashion Weekย ever, it went pretty smoothly. It can only get better from here!

MISSISSAUGA FASHION WEEK 2015 | Make room for Ontario’s latest fashion week

Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 8.26.37 PM
Backstage wearing my new Naked Wardrobe dress.
Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 8.27.17 PM
Paola, the founder of Shilango Jewellery, with 3 of her gorgeous models.
Paola and me backstage.
Models Sarah, Cheyenne and Karol backstage.
Don’t these girls look amazing?
Paola doing her last minute touches.
Models Rayshelle, Britney and Ashley ready for the runway.
A few minutes to spare for a selfie before strutting their stuff.
Paola with model Ashley before the final walk.
The show is over and it’s time to celebrate!


white lace-up dress | NAKED WARDROBE
strappy ankle boots | CALL IT SPRING
white neoprene coat | ATELIER GUARIN
handmade leather Mexican purse
necklace & bracelet | “MONACO” BY SHILANGO