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The Fashionable Habits of Effortlessly Stylish People You Need to Know Now

Leopard print street style by The Zoe Report. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard

Why is it that some girls always look so amazing? You know the ones I’m talking about. The Kendall Jenner’s and the Bella Hadid’s of the world – to name a couple. Is it down to their strict diet and exercise regime? Or is it because they know how style works and they are able to use it to their advantage? Almost always, it’s the latter. Their fashionable habits.

Stylish women don’t just have great looks in their DNA, they understand what works for them and how to put the whole ensemble together. Finding out exactly how they do this is no mean feat. However, some commonalities apply across all effortlessly fashionable people. Here is what they do to stay on top of their game.

The Fashionable Habits You Need to Know Now

Camille Charriere at Paris Fashion Week. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Shot By Gio

They remember good outfit combinations

Planning out what you’re going to wear with what every day can be time-consuming, not to mention sometimes boring. But highly fashionable people don’t need to do this. Like chefs opening a fridge full of ingredients, stylish people open their closets and immediately know what works with what. Their wardrobes are segmented in a way that allows them to match any item of clothing with at least one other item. 

Take Camille Charriere, for instance, from Who What Wear. She spent last summer wearing the same sneakers every day. But instead of it being a fashion disaster, she managed to pull it off by wearing all sorts of different combinations of clothes.

Leopard coat with red purse and sneakers street style. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Shot By Gio

They take care of their shoes

People who understand fashion know that they need to be kept in good condition, even if they were bought on the cheap from Toms using a Toms coupon code. Scuffed shoes never look great and ruin the appearance of even the best thought through outfits. If you’ve got a pair of shoes that you love but are looking a little past their best, you can always take them along to a cobbler to have them restored. Adding plastic soles and a wedge under the front toe will help your shoes remain un-scuffed and last longer.

Christine Centenera photographer by Shots By Gio street style. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Shot By Gio

They’re all about re-wearing items

Christine Centenera (Kim Kardashian’s stylist) is a great example of a person who knows what looks good on her and sticks to it, no matter how many times she might be seen in public. She’s an example of a person who has invested heavily in certain core pieces, ensuring that she always has something to wear that complements her look. Because of her olive skin tone and darker complexion, she sticks to dark blue, black and navy wear. I think she’s one of the coolest stylists out there. But hey, that’s just me. 

Olivia Palermo street style photographed by Shot By Gio. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Shot By Gio

They dress to impress themselves

Another reason why fashionable people look great all the time is that they’re working to look good for themselves – not to bag a better job or find a partner. As a result, being fashionable just becomes a way of life. It becomes on of their fashionable habits. Deep down, we all know that being truly stylish is about wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself. What clothes do you want to pull out of the drawer in the morning? Will they make you happy? Think about it. 

Street style photographed by Shot By Gio. Fashionable Habits | The Lady-like Leopard
Source: Shot By Gio

They keep their eyes peeled for inspo

Fashionable people are always scanning their vicinity, looking for inspiration from other people. However, there are endless places to draw inspiration from. Think about instagram, magazines, film. And there is so much more. If you want to be like them, don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and take down a couple of notes of what you see. You need to learn how to create fashionable habits so that they stick around and you actually make use of them! 

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Feature image courtesy of The Zoe Report. All other photos courtesy of Shot By Gio

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