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Timeless Fashion Advice—What to Splurge on and What to Get on a Steal

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If you love fashion then you will know how easy it is to get carried away when the new season’s trends hit the shops. But budgeting and ‘getting the look for less’ doesn’t always save you as much as you had hoped. Cheaper styles and materials don’t stand the test of time and you’re left having to buy twice to fill your closet space. My timeless fashion advice? Shop smart.

When it comes to looking good there are just some things you just can’t afford not to invest in. Here is the ultimate guide on when to splurge and when to steal on some of our most popular fashion items.

Timeless Fashion Advice: Splurge on these garments

Sandy from Grease smoking in a leather jacket. Timeless Fashion Advice | The Lady-like Leopard

A timeless leather jacket

If you don’t have a good quality leather jacket in your closet you are missing a key look that never goes out of fashion. This classic piece can be dressed up or down and will give your look a timeless sassy edge whatever you team it with.  If you are buying a leather jacket for the first time you will want to spend at least $200 in order to get a good cut and soft-feel real leather that will last.  Cheap or fake leather discolors easily and feels uncomfortable to wear so this is one piece you really can’t afford to scrimp on.

Bridget Jones and a large pair of underwear. Timeless Fashion Advice | The Lady-like Leopard

Supportive (and cute) underwear

Your bra keeps your breast tissue in good health so it’s one of the most important investments to get right. Go for a well constructed, fitted style that really supports you and not only will you keep your breasts perky for longer you will actually create a more slimline shape which will make the rest of your clothes look better.

A long-lasting pair of jeans

Like the leather jacket, there is no substitute for a classic pair of  well made jeans. Go for straight cut jeans in a simple wash rather than follow the current fashion – it will mean they stay timeless for longer. Good jeans hug the body in the right places to create a flattering silhouette that works in every season.  You will also get more wear out of a good pair of jeans as they will last longer making them more cost-effective in the long run.

The classic little black dress

There is no occasion that the classic little black dress doesn’t lend itself too. Having one in your closet means you are always prepared for that impromptu night out or family celebration. Cheap dresses if worn more than once tend to stretch and bunch quickly which means next time you need to make an impression you could end up feeling a little out of shape. Like jeans, if you invest well your LBD could end up costing you less than you think as it becomes a timeless piece in your closet.

You can get savvy with your splurges and check out online sales and discount sites such as dontpayfull.com so that you can invest without blowing the budget completely.

Timeless Fashion Advice: Get a steal on these items

Every kind of skirt

Each season brings its own take on the skirt.  From mini to maxi, ruffle to straight – it seems that when it comes to the skirt anything goes.  Buying cheap skirts then is one way of mixing up your look each season without spending a fortune.  Match cheaper skirts with your investment leather jacket and you can pull off a well heeled look every time.

Summer sandals (for one season)

Every girl knows that sandals, whether cheap or expensive tend to give you blisters so the normal advice of investing in good shoes for more comfort doesn’t necessarily extend to summer sandal fashion.  Couple this with the fact that, like the skirt, no style seems to last beyond a season and you have lots of good reasons to change your look over and over guilt free.

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A super fancy formal dress

Unless you are a regular on the red carpet (in which case you are probably gifted your formal wear) formal dress is something you won’t wear all that often.  Having a really expensive formal dress hanging in your closet is a real pain in the buck – because let’s face it they are not exactly versatile or practical for any other occasion.  If you aren’t going to wear it that often you can afford to go for a cheaper material and construction whilst still going all out on style.

With all of your steals base your selection on look and feel rather than how long it is going to last. You can then create a really personal and unique style for less with those investment pieces at the ready to always give you a quality finish.

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