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How to Get Away From Too Much Compromise in Your Travels

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Compromise plays a larger part in all our lives than we realize. It may be that you compromise over what goes on the television. Or, maybe you compromise on the position of your desk in the office. No matter how big or small these compromises are, we are always making them. In fact, they’re integral to our relationships – romantic or otherwise. If we were always unwilling to make changes, people would find it difficult to like us. So, we compromise to make people happy. 

But, is there such a thing as too much compromise? Absolutely. You only have to look at what happens to a relationship in which one person is made to compromise too much. Spoiler: things fall apart. It’s possible, though, that the amount of compromise is not the only problem. It also seems that the things we are made to compromise on play their part, too. For example, we’re quite happy to compromise on small things, like what we have to eat. Yet, we aren’t so keen to compromise on the big stuff – like our personal beliefs, or what we enjoy doing.

And, there are those things we shouldn’t have to compromise on. Our holidays are one such thing. Our time away is when we can kick back and let go. We spend our whole year trying to please others, so no one should be made to compromise during vacation. The sad fact is, though, that many people do. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to enjoy holidays without compromise!

Our Top 3 Tips for Holidays Without Compromise

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Carefully choose who you travel with

Choosing a travel partner can often be the nail in your no-compromise vacation. If you go away with someone who travels in a different way to yourself, compromises will need to made. That’s why it’s worth ensuring the person you choose travels for the same reasons you do. Of course, if you’re going with family, or a partner, you won’t have much say in this matter. If that’s the case, set some guidelines before you go.

There’s nothing wrong with doing different things during the day and meeting up in the evenings. Make sure the person in question is okay with this before you set off to avoid any hurt feelings. It’s worth comparing itineraries, too. You may find that you would like to do some of the same activities. If that’s the case, you can spend those days together.

If you have more freedom about your travel partner, though, make sure to choose wisely. For the most part, you and your friends will have similar tastes. That’s why you get on, right? But, it’s worth finding out a little about what your chosen individual looks for in a holiday. If, for example, you like to get lost in the culture, you don’t want someone who loves a beach holiday. The two things don’t work well together! If you’re after a country retreat, a travel companion who craves the city won’t be any good. Don’t be afraid to talk things through with anyone you’re considering going away with. Chances are, they want holidays without compromise too.

Of course, the best way to travel without compromise is to go solo. It can seem scary if you’ve never done it before, but it can also be an amazing experience. Just think – you won’t have to answer to anyone! You’ll be able to do what you want when you want to. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Pay attention to how you travel

It’s also important not to compromise on how you reach your destination. We often compromise on travel options, either because of money, or because we don’t know our choices. When considering the right transport, think about how much the journey means to you. If you prefer to reach your destination fast, a flight is your best option. There’s no denying that it’ll cost, but there are ways around the issue. Look for the cheapest flights available. Booking well in advance will also go far towards lessening the blow.

If the journey is as important to you as the vacation, you have a few other options. A road trip can be a fantastic choice. You could make your whole time away a road trip to remember, or you could leave a few days before you’re due to arrive. That way, you can have a road trip and a vacation all in one.

You could also luxuriate in the journey on a cruise ship. You could spend your whole vacation at sea. Or, you could book one of many cruise and stay packages to get the best of both worlds. If it’s the sea you love, rather than the cruise experience, you could travel instead on an overnight ferry. Remember that this is about the vacation of your dreams, without compromise. Don’t be afraid to incorporate factors of everything you love.

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Make sure you have time for what you want to do

What’s imperative during any holiday is what you do while you’re away. That is what the whole thing’s about. There are a few reasons why we compromise on this point. One of the main ones is having the wrong travel companion. But, we’ve already spoken about how to avoid that problem. There’s also the issue of time. Our time away is always too short, and it can be difficult to fit everything in.

If that’s the case, it may be worth extending your vacation by a few days. If you’re going all that way, it makes sense that you see everything you want to. Or, you could think ahead and plan what you would like to do before booking. That way, you can book a time frame that suits.

Another reason for compromising on the activities you want to do is money. Some activities can be pricey. Remind yourself that this is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll regret it if you let money put you off doing what you want to. And besides, haven’t you already spent enough? What’s a little bit more?

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