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Getting to Know this Year’s Notable Nominees—the Creme de la Creme of Canada

Notable Awards Nominees | The Lady-like Leopard

For the past seven years, Notable Life has been recognizing the creme de la creme of Canada’s young entrepreneurs and hard-working millienials. The annual Notable Awards take place in Toronto and honour everyone from designers to influencers, chefs, restaurants, makeup artists and more. This year, I’m getting to know a few of the Notable Awards nominees a little bit better. After all, this noteworthy bunch are definitely worth paying attention to.

The Notable Awards nominees that I selected to feature all had something in common: they all stood out from the crowd. As I searched through the voting list, I found some people that I knew, some I’d heard of and some that I’d never seen before in my life. However, once I did a little social stalking of these five individuals, I was sold. Arguably, they’re the best in their respective categories. Well, I think so anyways.

So, let’s find out what songs they have on repeat, what their biggest fears are and what travel hot spot is next on their bucket lists.

Getting to Know 5 of the 2017 Notable Awards Nominees

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Breakout Fashion Designer—Sebastian Guarin, Atelier Guarin

Atelier Guarin is a ready-to-wear brand designed by Sebastian Guarin. Focusing on innovative design, textiles, and quality. The Atelier Guarin woman is strong, has an excellent sense of style, and is driven to find standout pieces. I’m obsessed with Atelier Guarin’s eye-catching details, sexy silhouettes and their feminine appeal that boasts an equally masculine edge. This brand (definitely my personal favourite) has been featured in Vogue Italia, Chloe Magazine, walked the runway at TOM* Fashion Week and been worn by celebs like Mya and JoJo.

—Who is your celebrity crush?

Mariah Carey, always! And currently Maluma.

—What’s your all-time favourite movie?

Selena, the movie!

—What are 3 songs you have on repeat right now?

Becky G – Mayores
Maluma – Corazon
Sam Smith feat. Yebba – No Peace

Vote for Atelier Guarin here.

Best Makeup Artist—Haley Bogaert, Haley Bogaert Face Inc.

One look at Haley Bogaert’s flawless makeup and you can tell that she knows what she’s doing. It’s no wonder this brunette beauty is being recognized this year as the best makeup artist! It would be a crime not to nominate her—and an even bigger one if she doesn’t win. But then again, that’s just my humble and very-inexperienced-with-makeup opinion talking.

Haley’s words to live by: “They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Well if that’s true, then the eyebrows must be the frame.”

Her interest in beauty was sparked by watching her mom transform herself into a movie star, all with the power of makeup. Haley believes that subtle changes and how you apply makeup can make an incredible difference. She considers it a privilege to be able to do what she does. And I consider it a privilege that I’m going to be getting my makeup done by Haley on the morning of the Notable Awards!

—Who is your celebrity crush?

I would have to say my celeb crush is Channing Tatum!

—What’s your all-time favourite movie?

My all-time fave movie is obvs Pretty Woman!

—Where’s the next destination on your travel bucket list?

My next destination for travel would be Tulum, Mexico. I’ve always want to do a yoga retreat there for 7 days by myself.

Vote for Haley Bogaert here.

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Best in Public Relations—Tori Piccin, DECK Agency

Tori Piccin is about as hard-working as they come. She started working in PRwhen she was in universityfor the National Magazine Awards. She always loved writing and reading (like yours truly) and so working with magazines came naturally to her (also, like yours truly).

“I was perfectly content to be alone in a room sifting through thousands of magazine entries and nursing dozens of paper cuts, which eventually lead to me working in Public Relations,” she says.

She now leads DECK Agency‘s PR team and works alongside a group of hardworking, creative and inspiring individuals. Is there much else we want from our day-to-day jobs? In her spare time, Tori loves to play soccer, paint gorgeous watercolours and she’s currently taking sommelier (in-training) courses. She also spends a lot of time with her 5lb pup, Thunder, who she says can literally put a smile on anyone’s face. Tori considers herself lucky—and with good reason! If there was ever a better Notable Awards nominee for PR, let me know. I’ll wait.

—What’s your biggest/weirdest fear? 

My body freezes whenever I think of encountering a bear in the wild. (*Freeze*) Which is weird because at the same time I really love bears.

—If you couldn’t work in PR, what would you be doing instead? 

Master Sommelier, or living on a beach surfing and diving all day… or both.

—Where’s the next destination on your travel bucket list? 

Oh there’s so many, but my top 3 are Tibet, India, and Peru.

Vote for Tori Piccin here.

Best in Catering—Lauren Mozer, Elle Cuisine

I’m always on the look out for great catering. You know why? Because I seriously love food. Whenever I go to events, I’m almost as excited to try what’s on the menu as much as I am to see a new product reveal or collection launch. Lauren Mozer, chef and owner behind Elle Cuisine, was driven to start her catering company by her love of food, too. And if looks are anything to go by, Elle Cuisine has some seriously scrumptious items on their menu. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them at the next event.

Vote for Elle Cuisine here.

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Style Influencer—Monika Köhler, Mon Mode

The first thing I noticed about Monika Köhler when I met her a few months ago was her standout style. I wasn’t surprised at all to find out that she was a blogger and even more thrilled to see later on that she was nominated for a Notable Award. In the fashion industry, it’s easy to get lost in a world of false advertisement and faux personalities. However, Monika ensures that her blog Mon Mode stays true to who she is and what she loves. It’s genuinely her and that’s why I love it. Plus, her enviable travels are definitely something I want to keep seeing more of.

“I love to combine the things I love the most – key investment pieces and luxury indulgences – with a touch of fast fashion,” writes Monika on her blog.

—Who is your inspiration?

Chriselle Lim is such an inspiration to me. As a Blogger/Content Creator/Mom and so many more things—she has inspired me beyond anyone else. Her style, taste and elegance, coupled with her down to earth personality is something that keeps drawing me in.

—What are 3 songs you have on repeat right now?

I love classical music but also reggae, but the real DJ in the house is my husband. We listen to a lot of Youtube cover artists, but also love Frank Ocean & Serayah.

—Where’s the next destination on your travel bucket list?

As we explored so many European countries (15 in total) over the last year, now it is time to really get to know North America. Next on my list is Quebec City for the German Christmas market, but I am also eyeing Curacao for a warmer destination.

Vote for Monika Köhler here.

To see all the Notable Awards nominees, check out the list here. Reminder: voting ends on November 15th!

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  1. Monika

    Hi Melina, thanks for the beautiful feature! It is such an honour to be nominated and I wish all my fellow nominees the best of luck with the Awards and beyond! xx Monika


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Any time lovely! All the best luck xxx



    Such a great write-up, and a wonderful line-up.


    1. ladylikeleopard

      Thank you! They’re all winners (hopefully at the awards too)


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