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True or False? Debunking a Few Major Beauty Myths From Liner to Lipo

Debunking Beauty Myths | The Lady-like Leopard

Like it or not, we live in a time of #FakeNews. Nowhere is safe from factoids, invalid truths, contorted reasons or good old-fashion misconceptions. Not even the world of beauty. In fact, beauty and image are two of the most problematic areas of all. Which is why we approached a bunch of pros in this field to help us with debunking beauty myths that have fooled us all. Arm yourselves with these and prepare to feel smug the next time you visit the salon for a chinwag and a manicure.

Debunking Beauty Myths From Lipo to Liner

Soap is not bad for your skin

At least, not all skin. It’s like saying that peanuts will make you come up in a rash. You see, if you have dry skin, then you may find normal soap is a little bit harsh, but if you have oily skin then you may find soap is absolutely ideal. Our top tip is to accept no harm will come from soap, but it is best to pick something gentle.

Sleeping in makeup does not cause wrinkles

Falling asleep with makeup still attached to your face may well clog some pores and bring out some spots here and there, but it is not going to give you more wrinkles or start ageing you quicker. There are, however, some makeups that you should avoid sleeping in—namely mascara. This can lead to some serious eye infections that you would rather not take a risk on.

Liposuction is not used for weight loss

A lot of people think liposuction is used as a quick way of losing weight, but ask the professionals at Sculpture Clinic and they will tell you that liposuction is actually a means of reshaping areas of your body. Typically, it is a way of reshaping an area that has not responded to dieting or exercise.

Don’t dye and then wash your hair

If you have dyed your hair—or are planning or dying your hair—then it is best not to wash it for roughly 48 hours afterwards. This isn’t so much for health reasons but for efficiency because the dye needs time to penetrate and attach itself to your hair. Shampoo too soon—such as straight after—and you will strip some of that colour.

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Toothpaste is not good for spots

Forget whatever Kendall Jenner has been saying about toothpaste being a miracle worker because there are ingredients in toothpaste that can actually irritate skin, like fluoride and mint additives. Yes, toothpaste may be able to dry your skin quickly, but that isn’t what you want, which is why you should just stick to off-the-shelf products like Miracle 10 on this occasion.

Black liner does not enlarge your eyes

Nope. All it will do is overpower them and make them appear smaller. What you want, instead is a lighter shade of makeup. This will make your eyes stand out from the crowd like Rihanna riding the subway. Applying shades with a brush is no easy feat, so a quick cheat is to use metallic shades to catch the light and shimmer. It works wonders.

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  1. Ashley

    I loved reading this post! I had no idea about the toothpaste. I’ve never actually tried it but I’ve always read that it was great for blemishes. Interesting read!


    1. ladylikeleopard

      I used to think that too! Glad you loved the post. Thanks for reading xxx


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