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Three Places You’ll Adore if You Love to Explore—and Who Doesn’t?

Planning Australian Vacations | The Lady-like Leopard

If you’re somebody who goes abroad to see new things and explore a brand new piece of the world, then the typical vacation probably doesn’t cut it for you. Lounging on a beach in Ibiza doesn’t really appeal. You’d much rather be exploring new cities! You love to be on your feet trekking through different cities, towns, and wild unexplored parts of the world.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to become a traveler. All you have to do is pick a place on a map and start, right? Well, perhaps it takes a little more planning than that. However, if you need some help then here are some places that you’ll absolutely adore if you love to explore! 

3 Places You’ll Adore if You Love Exploring New Cities

Exploring New Cities | The Lady-like Leopard

Namibia, Africa

Africa is a vast and diverse continent with a heap of awe-inspiring nature into which you can sink your teeth. If you love the adventure of exploring the wilderness and getting in touch with mother earth, you’ll certainly love Namibia. In particular, if you’re the adventurous type, you should take a trip to Etosha National Park and Skeleton Coast. Not only is it an eye-opening place to visit in terms of the stunning environment which will surround you but also the beautiful wildlife. Wild elephants and black rhinos roam freely in this part of the world, as do cheetahs and lions. It’s not only a wonderful exploration experience but it’ll open your eyes to many endangered species and the importance of protecting our planet so as to preserve the ecosystems on which many creatures rely for their survival.

Planning Australian Vacations | The Lady-like Leopard

Sydney, Australia

While it may be the most obvious destination if you’re heading to Australia, there’s a reason that this fantastic city is so popular. Sydney has much more to offer than its Opera House! Though that’s an iconic landmark worth seeing when visiting this great city, too. You might want to venture out from the city centre a little to check out some of the whale watching tours from Sydney. Of course, there’s the opportunity to see amazing wildlife all over Australia, but the abundance of beautiful creatures along the eastern coastline is definitely something you don’t want to miss while you’re in Sydney. There’s something special about seeing a majestic animal out in the wild.

Exploring New Cities | The Lady-like Leopard

Sri Lanka

The final travel destination on this list is perfect for anybody who loves to explore and learn new things. A journey to Sri Lanka is more than a trip—it’s an experience! It boasts eight World Heritage sites which are perfect for exploring and the wildlife is absolutely spectacular. Whether you want to see the incredible elephants migrate in Minneriya National Park or go on a real adventure in which you track leopards (yes, you read that correctly), Sri Lanka really offers it all. It’s a country which has a complicated and fluctuating history that is also well worth exploring so as to learn how it’s become what it is today.

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